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William Chan with a good team admits that he does not know whether there would be a next time

William Chan greatly benefits from having many scenes in the film with Nick Cheung (left)
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William Chan Wai Ting in the Emperor Motion Picture BURSTING POINT (BAU LIT DIM) had exciting scenes after scenes with Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai, and even received the elder's praise for his exuberance in his youth. William admitted "if not now when", and enjoyed the feeling of being tortured on the set; because when the opportunity would arrive he would tightly grasp it and prove that he has contributed.

William in the film played an undercover agent, following orders from the Cheung Ka Fai played law enforcement agent. The two teamed up to take down the criminal organization, and they were very close. One time during an investigation, they had a conflict that led both of them to a bursting point. William revealed on the first day at work, when he faced Ka Fai he was confused and had frequent bad takes. He had to use extreme control on all the emotions inside to be able to perform smoothly. He also thanked Ka Fai for encouraging him to give something extra. "I told myself if I kept shaking I wouldn't be able to perform. Later the director accepted the take, and I asked Brother Ka Fai if he was satisfied? He answered me, 'The car you are driving is go 30, at least go 70!' I put that in my pocket."

Speaking of the cavern scene in which he fought with the villain, William said that he was already fully prepared psychologically when the production began. "If not now when? With such a good team, if I don't take the risk would there be a next bet? So I gave my all." Did the director torture him? William said, "I hope he would torture me more, I really like this feeling. I like to be in pain and sore when I get home, a little bruised. When Ma sees you she would worry, but you would say you are fine. You know you have already contributed." Ka Fai praised William for having shades of his youth. "I see how much risk he is taking, like early in my career's "if I die I die, if you want to go let's go' the type that takes a lot of risk. You have to really like it and really cherish it in order to take so many risks."

The film Ka Fai earlier worked with BURSTING's director on, THE BEAST STALKER (JING YUN) and UNBEATBLE (GIK JIN) won him the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor twice. Just returning to the Hong Kong film industry, would William like to win awards like Ka Fai did? He immediately pointed out that his could not be considered "returning to the Hong Kong film industry", but with the opportunity in front of him he certainly would "bite down and not let go". He would even learn Ka Fai's focus on acting. Ka Fai right away advised him, "Don't think about the awards, keep working and you would definitely get your share. Awards like these are for encouraging some very serious and very sincere actors, as long as continue to work you would definitely get them."

In addition, Ka Fai in the film received slaps from Leong Lok Si. He stated that since leaving television he rarely worked on this type of scenes. He described being slapped until he was numb and could not make any reaction. "It's like fireworks on the Lunar 2nd, later I was numb from her slaps. I completely gave in. During the direct shot I was no longer in pain, like anesthetic kicking in."

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