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Danny Pang and his wife 

Danny Pang gives up everything for his wife without regret

Eddie Cheung often hears Danny Pang mentioning his wife
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The 58 year old "Ghost King" director Danny Pang Fat in order to save his wife admitted that he currently owed almost 2 million on the streets. His brother Oxide Pang Chun and his wife Lee Sinje have lent a helping hand, but they could only help so much. Helpless, he could only file for bankruptcy. Whether on money or effort, Pang Fat neither complained nor regretted about taking care of her beloved. Once considered suicide, he stated that he only hoped to have job opportunities to lighten his load. "We aren't even afraid of death, what else is here to be afraid of!"

Pang Fat once with his brother Pang Shun were inseparable, as the Pang Brothers they directed hit films like THE EYE, RE-CYCLE and STORM WARRIORS. In recent years he has mostly vanished from Hong Kong. Yesterday morning he was suddenly caught outside the Admiralty Superior Court. He was surprised to se reporters and then admitted that he came to apply for bankruptcy. The story behind his severe financial crisis was rather touching. Reportedly, Pang Fat and his wife of almost 30 years have been through the highs and lows of life. However Mrs. Pang who had breast cancer over a decade ago in February this year was diagnosed with end stage lung cancer. With an enormous medical cost Pang Fat chose to stay by his wife and be an absolutely real man.

Seeing his wife's health gradually deteriorating, Pang Fat not only took care of her everyday life but also spent all of his savings for a sliver of hope. "Finally in Singapore we were successfully matched with a target therapy, which was said to be 80,000 a month and the government would sponsor half. However with other medical and living expenses, every month would require at least 100,000. When she was diagnosed, I was working on series in the mainland. In the end I paid the compensation and left the team to return to Hong Kong because I worried something would happen to her. If I wouldn't get to see her for the last time then I would have regrets." In June he originally would begin work on a mainland film, but the production date changed time and after and left him between a rock and a hard place. In 10 short months he has already experienced the "endless cycle" of life!

Pang Fat admitted, "First once the treatment began it couldn't stop, but my income has been severely impacted. I put out word that I would even be willing to work as an editor, but nothing came of it because the market truly has been too poor! Due to personality problems I don't have any friend in the industry, and I have to take care of my wife so job opportunities have been seriously affected. Directors don't have proof of income, I couldn't get a bank loan. So I could only ask the second tier financial services, but from borrowing 100,000 I only got 85,000. Every 15 months I would have to make a payment. Now I really am out of ideas, I only 1.02 million on the streets. If I would be working, I absolutely believe I can afford to pay it back."

Filing for bankruptcy his time, Pang Fat already expected "negative news" to follow. Even someone tried to collect on his debt. However he again stressed, "I have never thought about skipping out on my debt, I only hope that the financial company would give me little time. In addition as long as I have the opportunity to work, I really don't mind anything else. (Has your brother Pang Shun helped?) yes, but he has a family to take care of. I am really grateful for Cheung Siu Fai's wife for helping out. When we worked together on the film REBORN (JOI SUN YUN) she gave me the director salary for emergency use." He also lamented that he and his wife have thought about "giving up". "But then we thought, we weren't even afraid out of death. What's there to be afraid of! Now we only want live everyday one."

When Mrs. Pang first accepted the target therapy, her pain was drastically reduced. Yet recently it has begun, which made Pang Fat very worried. "We would know at the appointment at the end of the mouth. I hope she can hold on! (Are you mentally prepared?) I have written a lot of scripts, actually the dialogue within them could really be spoken. Once she was critical and rushed to the hospital. She urged me to take good care of myself, if one day she would no longer be here I really would have no need or want. What would be there to live for!"

Eddie Cheung Siu Fai and Francis Ng Chun Yu earlier worked with Pang Fat on the film DEATH STRANDING (KWUN SAU). Cheung Siu Fai admitted that earlier he already knew about Pang Fat's wife, but has no heard him mention any financial issues. Cheung Siu Fai praised that Pang Fat for being very good to his wife and has seen her. "he always mentions his wife, would say that his wife likes to have durian. He really loves his wife. When we just finished work in the mainland he would immediately return to Hong Kong to be with his wife." When they worked on DEATH STRANDING, has Pang Fat been affected at work? He said, "No, filmmakers usually would dive right into work, getting to work is a kind of joy, happiness. Focusing on work might be able to reduce his troubles. For example, one of the reasons I make movies is to be able to reduce stress from it. However I would be sad for a filmmaker, Hong Kong film is in a poor climate. Filmmakers in turn have less income, with illness in the family, various pressure from work, it wasn't easy at all."

Ng Chun Yu only heard about Pang Fat's troubles from the reporters and would call to console him.

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