Monday, December 11, 2023


Karen Mok would return to Germany with her husband for an ice cold Christmas

Lin Minchen's home is not too big, forcing in 3 more people is truly roughing it
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Karen Mok performs at the race track for the first time and is happy that the audience response is as passionate as at the Hong Kong Coliseum

Lin Minchen happily brings her elder sister and younger brothers to the race track.  The four siblings gather in Hong Kong for the first time and take the opportunity to improve their relationships

Jeffrey Ngai does not know about horse racing, rarely gambles so he has not planned to place a bet
Austin Lin is excited about coming to a Hong Kong race track for the first time

Karen Mok invites her brother and mother to the race track
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Karen Mok Man Wai yesterday was the opening ceremony guest performer at the LONGINES Hong Kong International Races at the Sha Tin Race Course. Performing for the first time at the tracks, Karen brought her mother and brother. She stated on the stage that it felt like the Hong Kong Coliseum.

In addition, Lin Minchen, Jeffrey Ngai Chun Sun, Amber Tang, Serene Lim, and Taiwan star Austin Lin yesterday also attended the race track event. Speaking of Christmas, Minchen revealed that she would make a horror film. This time she would not need to scare people but be scared. Because she could be very easily frightened, the role would be very challenging. However this time the production would be shot separately and she would need to perform with air.

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