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Michelle Wai hopes to make the sequel when she is truly pregnant

Carlos Chan and Michelle Wai celebrate Elaine Jin's birthday in advance
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Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Michelle Wai Sze Nga and Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling) yesterday reprised the touching scene of an afternoon tea after Wai Sze Nga and Kam Yin Ling settled their differences. For her birthday next week, Kam Yin Ling even received a surprise birthday cake from Ka Lok. Kam Yin Ling made a birthday wish for good health for everyone and good word of mouth for the film. She hoped that even more viewers would support the film, of course she also hoped that the film would make a third installment. Kam Yin Ling said that the third film could be about Wai Sze Nga's pregnancy. Wai Sze Nga even had a sudden thought and joked about Chan Ka Lok's wife Shiga Lin. "We can say I am infertile and 'borrow a belly' from another Sze Ng." The three then threw out ideas for the third film and could not have had more fun.

Wai Sze Nga revealed, "Actually the director really has siad that he wanted my real pregnancy scene. I also jokingly asked the director if he would immediately start rolling then. If it would truly be made into a movie it would be great too. We could even shoot in the delivery room and make it into a documentary, haha." The married Chan Ka Lok would not mind that the still single Wai Sze Nga would make this documentary film first, but he would have to ask the Sze Nga at home. Speaking of Ka Lok earlier revealed that he used a line from the film when he proposed to his wife, has his wife complained when she watched the film? He joked that his wife instead "complained" to him that the character in the film was detailed and very supportive of his wife; he also revealed that in real life he has not run into another mother and daughter in law dispute. Instead his wife and Mama have formed an alliance against him.

Speaking of the great reaction to the first film, were they confident that this film would exceed it? All three were full of confidence. Ka Lok pointed out that the previous film was praised for having laughs at every minute. This time would have onion among laughter, with both funny and crying spots that no one would expect. Even viewers described it as an elevated version. They also said that later the six performer would attend an audience appreciation event together for the first time. Kam Yin Ling further pointed out there would be three touching spots that would be able to move male, female and mother class viewers. Not only would they give people heartaches but also tears within laughter, so the feeling would be even more realistic. Wai Sze Nga said that she not only had the confidence that this film would have even better response, but also the feeling of growing up with the audience. During an audience appreciation event she discovered that a viewer who brought his then girlfriend to enjoy the first film and by this film she has become his wife; she also said that if the box office would reach its goal, she would tell Ka Lo to sing and strip to celebrate. Ka Lok also took advantage to hard sell and said, "Actually in the film I have one song. I hope I would have another chance to perform. I even urged various spring banquets to invite me to perform."

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