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In the video Carlos Chan prepares an alternative "candle lit dinner"

Anniversary surprise turns into scare, no wonder Shiga Lin is beyond mad
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The Carlos Chan Ka Lok "starred", wife Shiga Lin provided the voice to everyday life video -- "all choices lead to death", after "late night laundry trouble" and "men walking the dog", the latest upload was "when your brothers are pig teammates". The two pig teammates were both from the film READY O/R ROT (BUT YUT SING FUN 2) Ka Lok's good brothers Chu Pak Hong and Kaki Sham.

The video was in two parts. Shiga asked Ka Lok, who was playing video games, whether he was ready for their wedding half anniversary. Ka Lok appeared to be unshaken and even said that he have been ready long ago. In the next scene, Ka Lok immediately ran into the bathroom and call his buddies for help. Out of two he chose one. He first asked Chu Pak Hong, who agreed right away. When Ka Lok breathed a sigh of relief and left the bathroom, Shiga carried the phone with Chu Pak Hong's voice message. "That jerk is just a jerk, how can he forget something so important. Not remembering isn't important, but he even asks his brothers for help while he doesn't do anything himself. Don't though, sister in law! What do you like to eat? I can help you book a place......" Perfectly exposing Ka Lok as Shiga angrily screamed, "CHAN KA LOK!" Scared out of his wits, Ka Lok said that he had a stomach ache and took the chance to return to the bathroom for another idea.

In the second half Ka Lok asked Kaki for help. Kaki smartly said to leave it to him. "It's still candle lit dinner, with flowers, wine, meat and candles, right? I got you, I am on the case for you!" Hearing Kaki's detailed arrangement, Ka Lok breathed another sigh of relief. On the day of the half wedding anniversary, Ka Lok in a suit opened the door for the food delivery. When he got inside and opened up the order, it had white chrysanthemum flowers, chicken, wine, red candles, fruit and bowl for worship. When Shiga saw she immediately got mad, "Chan Ka Lok! I am not dead yet! Are you go to visit the cemetery!" Then she threw all the flowers at Ka Lok. Finally Ka Lok helplessly said, "Actually why bother picking, both teammates are pigs!"

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