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After 30 years in film, Tony Leung Chiu Wai is still looking to improve

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The two Best Actors Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Andy Lau Tak Wa starred film THE GOLDFINGER (GUM SAU JI) would open on December 30th around the world. After completing its Hong Kong premiere earlier, director and screenwriter Felix Chong Man Keung along with lead actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai immediately flew to Singapore and Malaysia to begin the overseas promotional tour for THE GOLDFINGER.

Leung Chiu Wai have not promoted for a movie overseas for a long time. This time with director and screenwriter Chong Man Keung he flew to Singapore and Malaysia to personally promote the film THE GOLDFINGER. Naturally he attracted fans from both places to catch a glimpse of his charm. Wherever he went the crowd followed, which has been a rare sight in recent years.

Director Chong Man Keung seek to innovate while creating THE GOLDFINGER script. He did his best to jump out of the comfort zone. Director Chong said, "The entire film production was like an adventure, to discover something unknown. The characters the two Best Actors played were ones that they have rarely attempted before. For example Leung Chiu Wai as such a villain, few would imagine that before. During editing, I saw Leung Chiu Wai's acting and would think this person has already act for over 30 years. How could he still improve? When you reach such a stage and still have new faces to show the audience, it is quite a surprise!"

When asked about the secret of continuous improvement, Leung Chiu said, "Before the shoot, of course I had to reach a lot of related material, study the character's state of mind. During the preparation, I would try to observe the changes in my body language, look at my expressions in the mirror for any difference. This time the greatest help to me was the costumes. We spent a lot of time on studying the look. Actors really need to rely on their appearance to get into the character. This time the costumes helped a lot, after make up and costumes I seemed to have turned into Ching Yat Yin!"

As for the cast, Wai Jai not only reunited with his best partner Lau Tak Wa, but also new co-stars like Choi Cheuk Yin to bring many sparks and impact. Wai Jai said, "Working with Ah Sa for the first time, she is very smart and very hard working; no more needs to be said about Wa Jai, we have been working on movies together since we were little. I believe the bond started from television. Everyone at the time were already great friends, the bond was established on trust. On the set (THE GOLDFINGER) we didn't need any special communication and we were already able to do it. I don't know why, whatever I can he can follow!" Wai Jai and Wa Jai at the hospital had a scene, which left a particularly deep impression on Wai Jai. "In that hospital scene, we seem to have picked up that bond again. Before taking our marks we didn't know how it would turn out. When I watched the premiere in Hong Kong, I felt that we indeed had that type of spark between us!"

Currently Wai Jai has been promoting THE GOLDFINGER nonstop. In March next year he would head to Germany to participate in a Hungarian director's movie, in which he would play a neuroscientist. Currently he has been making preparations. When asked about his retirement plan, Wai Jai reiterated, "I truly have never thought retiring, in the future days I will make however many movies I can make. I have always hoped that, aside from Hong Kong films, to work with filmmakers of other places and try different styles of characters and films."

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