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Kathy Chow's passing has shocked the entertainment world

Her office confirms the news of Kathy Chow's passing

Kathy Chow's TIME BEFORE TIME character has become quite a classic
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Kathy Chow's office confirms her passing

Kathy Chow once was married to Ray Lui, but in a year they ended up in divorce over incompatible personalities

In 1997 the Kathy Chow and Gordon Lam starred series TIME BEFORE TIME was widely popular

Kathy Chow worked on the Taiwan series THE HEAVEN SWORD AND DRAGON SABRE and has been called the "most beautiful Chow Chi Yeuk".

In 1985 Kathy Chow competed in the Miss Hong Kong pageant but did not place.  She then joined the artist training class and became a TVB artist
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Kathy Chow Hoi Mei passed away on December 11th at age 57. Her office last night issued a statement. "Sister Hoi Mei passed away on December 11th 2023 after treatment proved ineffective for her illness. May Heaven be without disease, may we meet again in the next life!" The bad news that has been spreading like crazy for a day unfortunately was confirmed. Her former employer TVB last night also issued an eulogy, saying "When a good actor passed, she truly was worth viewers missing her forever."

Chow Hoi Mei began in the business in 1985, she was best known for the role of Chow Chi Yeuk in THE HEAVEN SWORD AND DRAGON SABRE and still was called "the most beautiful Chow Chi Yeuk". In recent years she moved her career center to the mainland and formed her own office. She remained active in show business. Her official Weibo was still posting three days ago. Who would have expected that the bad news would suddenly spread, surprising many fans who found it hard to believe.

Chow Hoi Mei on the 6th just turned 57. Her office posted a video on Weibo that day. "Today I am 57! I am grateful for your love and company over the years." Chow Hoi Mei was in a white apron and made 3 wishes through Weibo, "I wish everyone good health, peace and joy."

After her office confirmed Chow Hoi Mei's passing, former employer TVB also issued an eulogy. "Former TVB artist Chow Hoi Mei passed away from illness. TVB expresses its deepest regret and sends its condolences to her family. Chow Hoi Mei worked for TVB for many years and made numerous series including THE FEUD OF TWO BROTHERS, THE SUPERLATIVE AFFECTIONS, LOOKING BACK IN ANGER, THE BREAKING POINT, THE HEAVEN SWORD AND DRAGON SABRE, PLAIN LOVE. Later when she performed in the series TIME BEFORE TIME, her popularity rapidly rose as her acting was greatly commended. When a good actor passed, she truly was worthy of viewers missing her forever.

Chow Hoi Mei's mother remembered her daughter, "May you continue to be happy in another world, your family is proud of you." Once a strong supporter of Chow Hoi Mei, Hong Kong director Frankie Chan Fun Kei earlier expressed that Chow Hoi Mei was being treated in Beijing. Chan Fun Kei said, "Chow Hoi Mei and I have worked on two film and television projects together. This actor Chow Hoi Mei is pretty, has good character, her acting is also great. She is humble and low key, sincere to her friends. In the past few years, she came to work in Beijing from Hong Kong. Because we have worked together before, we were good friends. On holidays we often interacted and greeted each other, because we were both from Hong Kong we cared about each other."

Her manager Chan Sin Chi was rather surprised to hear the news and asked reporters whether it was true. "I am saddened, heartbroken, I wish it wasn't true......." Ray Lui Leung Wai on Weibo remembered his former wife Chow Hoi Mei. "It's too sudden! Hoi Mei, have a safe journey! When I heard this news I was upset for a long time. Thank you for bringing so much good to the world. may we continue to laugh in another world. My condolences to her family, take care." Monica Chan Fat Yung posted on her own Weibo, "Have a safe journey." Ng Lai Chu said, "At TVB I worked with her on an early Republic series (PLAIN LOVE), I thought she was very independent, not a joiner, different from the rest. Passing away at such a young age is very regrettable! Have a safe journey! Condolences to her family." Simon Yam Tat Wa was very sorry about Chow Hoi Mei's passing. They have worked together twice. She was a gentle girl, very early on he knew that her health has been average. He did not dare to use too much force to touch her, as she would easily get hurt. Thus while acting he would watch an eye on her.

Having worked with Chow Hoi Mei on the classic series TIME BEFORE TIME, Gordon Lam Ka Tung was rather shocked to hear about his co-star's passing. Ka Tung said, "The night before Hoi Mei was already rumored to have passed way, but no one came out to confirm the news. Actually my heart already sank, and I didn't want it to be true...... but now really many memories have been brought back!" Ka Tung continued, "As soon as Siu Fu Yung (Chow Hoi Mei's character in the series) came out everyone thought that she was very cute, looking back now I really am getting all kinds of sentiments......!" He said that several years ago he and Chow Hoi Mei reunited for an interview with Maria Lai Chi Shan. At the time Chow Hoi Mei was still very healthy. Now he could only wish may she rest in peace and send his condolences to her family.

Speaking of working with Chow Hoi Mei, Ka Tung said, "The most memorable of course was that I was very happy to be able to work with Chow Hoi Mei, because I came out of the training class she was already playing the lead at the time. We also had opportunities to work together before, but I only appeared in a few shots standing to the side. We finally had real scenes together in TIME BEFORE TIME." Ka Tung also praised Chow Hoi Mei as a happy person, a great driver who even drove a stick shift. Thus he had special appreciation for this elder. "I really don't know what to say, may she rest in peace!"

Chow Hoi Mei's family was one branch of the Manchu Guwalgiya clan. Her father was very strict with her since childhood, hence manner has always mattered to her.

Chow Hoi Mei started with TVB at the 1985 Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant. Although she did not place in the contest, after auditions she officially joined the TVB actor training class. Then she participated in many television series, including big production drama like THE YANG'S SAGA, THE PRICE OF GROWING UP, and WHERE I BELONG. These series also enabled Chow Hoi Mei to slowly make a name for herself.

As for relationships, Chow Hoi Mei had a less smooth sailing. Soon after her career began she had a short marriage with her first love Ray Lui Leung Wai. They even flew to Las Vegas to wed in a low key manner, but after only several months as a couple Chow Hoi Mei filed for divorce due to incompatible personalities. Chow Hoi Mei once said that she did not regret marrying Lui Leung Wai. The flash wedding was "not rash, just a little confused". Because they did not know the law there, they did not finish the process and their marriage was not valid. In 2004, she and her architect boyfriend after 12 years together finally went their separate ways. Chow Hoi Mei even moved to Beijing for love, even after the break up she stayed in Beijing to live and work. She slowed down her pace at work to settle in Beijing, deliberately eased out of the line of vision of the general public and save more time for herself to enjoy the simple life.

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