Friday, December 15, 2023


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The film IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (BAK YUT JI HA) after entering its 7th week in release has already reached HK$ 22 million as of December 14th and successfully entered the top three highest grossing Hong Kong film box office of 2023. The performance has greatly encouraged the team. Director Lawrence Kan Kwan Chun and lead actress Jennifer Yu Heung Ying thanked the audience for their support and even looked forward to the nominations to compete in the Hong Kong Film Awards next year.

The film's opening week performance was not considered outstanding. Later with more audience word of mouth and viewers booking shows themselves, the film had more and more momentum at the box office and even become the single day box office champion on multiple days. The film also became the hot topic in the community as the media made in depth coverage and examination of the film. In addition, from the opening day on actors like Yu Heung Ying and the cast and the crew participated in over 200 audience appreciation shows. As the film got more and more viewer support, it also began talking about being able to compete in next year's Hong Kong Film Awards. Yu Heung Ying said that in comparison to her own nomination, she would look forward to each post of the team being able to compete for awards. "I never thought about winning an award, just like I was already very happy with the Golden Horse Award nomination. I have a lot of confidence in the entire team, because every post on the cast and the crew, everyone worked very hard and put in a lot of effort. We hope to be able to give viewers the best and the highest quality film, so I wish that every post would have nominations and give them recognition."

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