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The last movie Andy Lau and George Lam made together was PERFECT MATCH 34 years ago

Using AI technology, George Lam and Andy Lau's "return to youth" is rather cool and cute 
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The Andy Lau Tak Wa produced and starred crime action film I DID IT MY WAY (CHIM HUNG) with Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, Cya Liu has been scheduled for a January 11th release next year. Yesterday the film promotional song and music video were released, Wa Jai invited George Lam Chi Cheung to remake the classic Cantonese song HARD TO TELL BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL into their first duet. The music video even uniquely used the latest AI technology to create many animated looks for the two superstars, including a surprising "return to youth" look. Wa Jai also praised that this time Ah Lam in support of the song provided an unrivaled "devil" level performance. He even invited Ah Lam to return and work together on a movie.

Also the producer, Wa Jai has been tightly following technological trend and decided to use the latest AI technology to create the music video HARD TO TELL BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL. It would also be his and Ah Lam's first AI music video, the visual style of which was absurd and odd -- drastically different from the masculine flavor that the film displayed. In the music video the colorful candy land was the background, a nod at the drug network in I DID IT MY WAY. In order to promote the theme of the song, Wa Jai and Ah Lam in the music video played the candy store and chocolate store bosses who represented good and evil. Wa Jai worked hard to build the candy world, yet Ah Lam destroyed it in the brink of an eye. For generations they kept struggling for 6,000 years, they swore to take each other out as they gradually drifted apart. In the music video Wa Jai and Ah Lam even had close to 30 different costumes, including foreigner and young versions. They instantly in the video surprisingly "returned to youth", which was rather odd. Behind the production were several hundred photos from the two superstars' different eras, with which AI gave birth to different characters' costumes.

This time Wa Jai in the film challenged a villain role. His character Lam Chun On's English name happened to be the same as Ah Lam's --- George. Ah Lam joked that Wa Jai has not yet obtained the copyright from him. He also hinted that he was envious of Wa Jai. "When I made movies I too wanted to play the villain, but I never got the chance." Wa Jai heard and immediately invited Ah Lam to perform, even promising him that he would only need to work on 30 work days, guaranteeing 10 hours of sleep everyday to lure Ah Lam. He joked that he and Ah Lam could play father and son. Ah Lam like in WAIT 'TIL YOU'RED OLDER (TUNG MUNG KEI YUEN) would reverse the role and play his son. Actually Wa Jai in his first film BOAT PEOPLE (TAU BUN NO HOI) already worked with Ah Lam. Their previous collaboration was in PERFECT MATCH (JUI GAI NAM PUNG YAU).

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