Thursday, December 21, 2023


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Guy group MIRROR starred in their first film WE12 (12 GWAI DOH), which would open for Easter next year. The film company yesterday released the trailer on social media. In the film the 12 played the aces of the "strange thieves guild". The "12 strange thieves" received the boss' order and had to team up to complete a difficulty level SSS mission. They each had their own skills. Ian excelled in planning, KT in hypnosis, Stanley in eavesdropping, A.Lo in agility, Edan is rope climbing, Jer in instant disguise, Tiger in long distance lip reading, Alton in online attack as a world class hacker, AK in animal mind reading, Lokman in lock picking, Frankie in sixth sense, Jeremy in super memory.

The twelve in the film not only had action and explosion scenes but also "MIRROR style humor", at one moment turning into hotel employees and at another in full gear. They even joked, "We are strange thieves! Not superheroes!" Aside from MIRROR, Yeung Wai Lun also performed, and ERROR and Yoyo Kot Cheuk Yiu guest starred.

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