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Mandy Tam

Leung Chung Hang, Anjaylia Chan, Mandy Tam and Hazel Lam after working together become great friends
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Mandy Tam breaks down in front of director Patrick Kong

Edward Chen and Mandy Tam are good co-stars so their kiss scene goes very smoothly

The 20 year old Hazel Lam like Mandy Tam is in her first movie and is glad to be under the care of Anjaylia Chan and Leung Chung Hang like a little sister
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"Basketball goddess" Mandy Tam Man Huen admitted that her first movie lead role gave her a lot of pressure. Playing the "18th generation Ah Bo" she even gave up her first on screen kiss. She kissed Taiwan god Edward Chen for over 4 minutes. They kissed until they were almost out of breath. The Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) directed romantic film LOVE AT FIRST LIE (BUT SI NEI BUT OI NEI) starred Mandy as "Ah Bo". Earlier she and Leung Chung Hang (Ah Bing), Anjaylia Chan Ka Bo and Hazel Lam Hei Tung were interviewed. Mandy introduced herself as "I am the 18th generation Ah Bo." Anjaylia said, "In real life I am Ah Bo too, since birth I have been. I don't need to fight." Being the lead actress in a film for the first time, Mandy would have a "four way love" with Edward Chen, Ah Bing and Anjaylia. She even gave up her first on screen kiss, as she had to kiss Edward Chen. She recalled her nervousness at the time. "I was super nervous. After communicating with him, I very courageously kissed, Edward said that it was the first time he made such a long kiss scene. (You kept having bad takes?) No, the director wanted to shoot from different angles, so we kissed for a very long time. However our noses kept getting in the way during the kiss. In the end we kissed for 4 minutes, after which we were a little short of breath."

Mandy also revealed her first kiss in real life took place when she was around 17 or 18. Her first boyfriend snuck a kiss at the movies, but it was less than romantic. "The funniest part was that we were watching JURASSIC PARK, when the dinosaurs were roaring he kissed me, so it left a deep impression with me."

Ah Bing in the film had a crush on Mandy. He said that they only had a hand holding scene. "Better than nothing, I got something to hold on to. Just looking at the face card you would know I'd lose." He revealed that in reality he tried to contribute silently for a girl.

Director Yip Lim Sum pointed out that Mandy was the manliest and most relatable one among numerous Ah Bo. Mandy stated that she had a lot of pressure over her first lead, because she lacked confidence in herself. The most memorable was when the production wrapped, she had to cry for over 10 hours for a tragic scene. In the end she had to hide in the bathroom to cultivate her emotional breakdown, even causing a missing scare. She said, "I wanted to keep the emotions, so I was eating while facing the bathroom wall." The director joked that he thought I went home. Mandy said that she has always been afraid of ghosts, did not dare to go to the bathroom alone. However this time she and the location bathroom" became "friends".

In addition, in her first movie Lam Hei Tung played Leung Chung Hang's younger sister. She said that she was very grateful to receive everyone's care during her first movie production.

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