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Stephy Tang has a pair of shark fins on her shoulders

The golden Ivana Wong steals the spotlight from Lin Minchen
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The 2024 Lunar New Year Hong Kong film TABLE FOR SIX 2 (FAN HEI GUNG SUM 2) would open on the Lunar New Year's Eve. The film would continue to be directed by Sunny Chan Wing Sun, Stephy Tang Lai Yan, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Minchen Lin and Peter Chan Charm Man again stumbled and felt around subjects of family and marriage. In the film each had a innovative, interesting classic look that you could not look away from.

The film's trailer revealed the 5 leads' hilarious costumes. Stephy appeared as a "shark fin angel" with a pair of shark fins on her shoulders. She said, "I really worry that I would accidentally run into someone, or maybe knock something over on the set."

Ivana caught a lot of eyeballs with the Chinese wedding gown. In response to her on screen family Helen Law Lan and Michelle Yim (Mai Sue)'s request to have a big wedding, she wore gold all over her body from head to toe. Thus when Ivana arrived she had trouble walking. Ivana said that this gown was her favorite costume in the film. "I love the red gown costume the most. Its tailoring was very special, as lace was very rarely seen on gowns. We all said that after the movie release everyone might be interested in ordering it. The most special was the super amount of gold. We guessed that if they were all real gold, whether we would have enough to buy a home!"

Finally was Minchen playing the "third brother" Chan Charm Man invented new game character "corpse bride". Her costume was rather sexy. Although the costume was flimsy, the shoot actually took place during a typhoon and the climate was rather humid. Minchen said that it was rather hot, in addition she had to pretend to be hiding from zombies. She perspired a lot from all the running back and forth, during her break she had to use a small hand held fan to cool down before returning to the shoot. The two men had it the roughest, as Chan Charm Man and Cheung Kai Chung wore a golden armor and pretended to be robot respectively. Every step was hard to take for them.

Although each actor had their own pain, they felt that this was a rare and valuable experience. In reality they would not dress like this. They was even happier that they spent everyday on the set in the sounds of laughter.

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