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Cya Liu in the film plays Andy Lau's wife Vivian

Andy Lau plays drug lord Lam Chun On
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The Andy Lau Tak Wa and Cya Liu starred film I DID IT MY WAY (CHIM HUNG), for which they also sang the end credit song. The music video even had the male and female lead versions. Wa Jai sang the different choice between love and loyalty, while Cya Liu surprised with her moving performance.

The Wa Jai produced and starred crime action epic I DID IT MY WAY (CHIM HUNG) would open on January 11 next year. The film company yesterday released the Wa Jai performed end credit song, and the Cya Liu performed companion double version music video. The song and lyrics creators after watching the film was deeply moved by the characters' fate and stories within. Wa Jai's moving melody and story telling lyrics uncovered the complicated emotions of the film's characters.

In the film, the Wa Jai played drug lord Lam Chun On treated people's lives like ants. Whether they were his rivals, witnesses or even the police, as long as they got in his way they would end up on his "death list". However such a "devil" also had his soft side. Lam Chun On's wife Vivian (Cya Liu) was priceless to him, and he also cherished the relationship with his life and death partner Sau Ho (Gordon Lam Ka Tung). However Lam Chun On and Sau Ho had difference in value. As they began to go their separate ways, they headed toward dark abyss. The verses "fate and benevolence is rare, not yet knowing life's sadness and sorrow" perfectly unveiled the characters' thinking and choices about love and fate. Wa Jai seemed to comfort each person with his singing; perhaps forgive yourself for not being able to achieve some life lessons, as long as you remember those important moments of life it is enough.

As the Best Actress Cya Liu also rarely sang. With her tender voice her performance had another flavor. For Vivian in the film, Lam Chun On was also her most reliable other half -- even the only light in her world. Cya Liu once said that when she got the script, what moved her the most was one of the character biography's line "Other than lover, all are others". She also made special design for the role. When her character Vivian got nervous, she had a habit of playing with rolled up tissue. Cya explained, "Because the character suffered trauma before, when Lam Chun On was absent she would be in a panic. Thus when performing the song I would also naturally get into Vivian's point of view, through light yet firm singing to deliver the lyrics. The verses, 'time swallows up everything, but i am never afraid, the person i love would take me away' perfectly tell Vivian's unconditional trust and love for Lam Chun On."

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