Tuesday, December 26, 2023


Mandy Tam says that her boyfriend gives her an instant camera for Christmas
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Mandy Tam has been too busy with work to show Edward Chen around Hong Kong
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Taiwan actor Edward Chen, Mandy Tam Man Huen, Leung Chung Hang, Hazel Lam Hoi Tung and director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) yesterday went to the cinema for their film LOVE AT FIRST LIE (BUT SI NEI BUT OI NEI)'s audience appreciation show. Mandy's romance was exposed earlier, she also generously said that this Christmas was the first that she spent with her director boyfriend Christopher, but they celebrated with a group of friends at her home instead of just the two of them. What gift did she get from her boyfriend? She said that her instant camera was broken so her boyfriend gave her a new one. She instead did not give any gift, but she did personally cooked.

Edward Chen came to promote the film during Christmas. He too felt that girls who cook well would get more points. If he would have the chance he would like to try Mandy's cooking. Having been single for years, would he like to meet Hong Kong girls? He said that Hong Kong and Taiwan girls were different, but he was afraid of difficulty in communication with Hong Kong girls. Has he asked Mandy to introduce Hong Kong girls? Mandy said that she did not have any female friends she could introduce, because most of them played basketball. Edward Chen said that they could play ball together. Edward Chen described during the shoot he and Mandy were more like brothers than lovers. Mandy said, "For our kiss scene, our noses kept getting caught. I am sorry that we aren't suitable to be together, which truly is a shame!" Would he accept a relationship with a older woman? Edward Chen said, "I feel the guy being the older one would be a little better, this way he can take care of his girlfriend."

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