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Lam Chiu Wing's condition deteriorated last week and was admitted to the ICU.  He passed away yesterday

Lam Chiu Wing and his wife have three daughters

Sheila Chan rushes to the hospital to bid farewell to her friend Lam Chiu Wing

Lam Chiu Wing (black shirt) last host a Radio Hong Kong program on November 8th
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Veteran media person and creator "Superman" Lam Chiu Wing passed away on the 12th at age 61. Writer and good friend Sham Sai Sing announced the news on social media. Lam Chiu Wing's mentor Lai Man Cheuk yesterday revealed that a month ago he was diagnosed with blood cancer. After chemotherapy his organs suffered infection and his condition deteriorated. Last week he was admitted to the ICU. Two nights ago he lost consciousness and yesterday afternoon he passed away.

Lam Chiu Wing once was an ATV producer and creative consultant. He also worked as a screenwriter at TVB and on movies. His work included THE FUNNY HALF SHOW, DON'T FOOL ME, WITH OR WITHOUT YOU. Lai Man Cheuk yesterday revealed that Lam Chiu Wing two months ago discovered the alarm sounding in his body. At the time they were both working on a program, when he discovered that Lam was much thinner. In a month he actually lost 15 to 16 pounds, thus he asked Lam to get an examination. At first he suspected it was diabetes and thus he began to pay attention to his diet and hiked everyday. A month ago the condition worsened and he went to the emergency room. A biopsy showed that his blood cancer was already severe. Chemotherapy once stabilized the condition, but after the treatment his organs began infected and his condition drastically deteriorated. Both his liver and kidneys failed. A week ago he was admitted to the ICU. Two nights ago when Lai Man Cheuk visited him at the hospital, Lam Chiu Wing already was unconscious and needed to rely on the machines to keep him breathing and his heart beating. The doctor said to be prepared. Yesterday afternoon he passed away.

Lai Man Cheuk described Lam Chiu Wing as a typical Hong Kong person, with the under the Lion Rock spirit: hard working, optimistic, worldly, quick witted and adaptable. He had creative talent, and participated in many projects at the 80s film and television culture peak. He hoped to collect his work for a new generation to remember that Hong Kong once had Lam Chiu Wing. Lai Man Cheuk also pointed out that Lam Chiu Wing in recent years has paid close attention to his health because he had three daughters. He put a lot of effort into his daughters' education and revealed before his passing he was writing to document Hong Kong culture, broadcasting and history, but in the past half a year he and his wife were threatened by a lawsuit. Losing the lawsuit has been quite a setback.

Nat Chan Pak Cheung (Ah Lek) worked with Lam Chiu Wing on a film and only found out about his passing from the news. He lamented that destiny was inevitable, but usually good people went first. He praised that he could not have been a better person. Years ago they worked together on the film FOOLING AROUND JIANG HU (GONG WU BEI KET) and have not seen each other in a very long time. He sent his condolences to his family. Currently in Malaysia, Liu Wai Hung was heartbroken to hear the news of his good friend's passing. He admitted it was too sudden and described his work as absolutely representative of the era. Lam Lik Chi shared a photo with Lam Chiu Wing on social media and wish his good friend a safe journey.

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