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The Lunar New Year Hong Kong film TABLE FOR SIX 2 (FAN HEI GUNG SUM 2) has been slated for a Lunar New Year's Eve release. Aside from the original "table" of Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Stephy Tang Lai Yan, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Lin Minchen, and Peter Chan Charm Man, a group of golden veterans including Wu Fung, Helena Law Lan, Michelle Yim (Mai Suet), Ram Chiang Chi Kwong, Peter Lai Pei Tat and others were invited as well. Everyone's lively and mischievous performance added a lot of laughter to the story. Another new blood Jennifer Yu Heung Ying even was pregnant during the shoot and performed as a mother and son pair. Jennifer said, "As soon as the director yelled cut, the baby in my belly kicked twice." The baby was already performing in Mama's belly, the scene seriously was very cheerful.

The temperature on the day of shoot was scorching, the pregnant Jennifer had zero complaint whether working indoors or outdoors and not to mention still very photogenic. Jennifer was rather happy to guest star this time. She said, "Even pregnant I got to make a movie, in addition the director is Chan Wing Sing, even if I would give birth tomorrow I still would come." Then Jennifer introduced her role. She said, "This time I played their big client, I mainly urge Minchen to follow me to work in Japan. The role is cooler and meaner, but it's all pretend. The scene was a lot of fun. On the morning of the shoot I got the latest draft of the script, the director truly tested the pregnant lady's memory. Actually pregnant women's memories are very poor, but the result of this version was a lot of fun." Although Jennifer worked with Minchen for the first time, they have already known each other from the Hong Kong Film Awards. Jennifer praised her, "Minchen is very sweet and pretty, as soon as I see I feel very pleasant. Lin Minchen truly is incredible, not only men and women but also babies are under her spell."

Mai Suet and Law Lan in the film played Wong Yuen Chi's Mama and Grandpa who were attending the wedding ceremony. Sister Law Lan in the film was a "Marker", a loyal fan of Ngai Chun Sun's Mark Gor in the film. By chance the rising idol Mark Gor even appeared at the wedding to celebrate. When Sister Law Lan saw her idol in person she immediately became a little fan, mischievous and smart. With her teenage girl style high octave scream "Mark Gor I really love you!" The set immediately were full of pink heart bubbles. In addition Minchen (as Meow) even taught Sister Law Lan Meow's trademark move "one kiss". She tried it twice on the set she already got it down.

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