Monday, February 7, 2011


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Raymond Wong Pak Ming gives laisee to Louis Koo

Donnie Yen Chi Tan explores comedy and his wife Cissy Wang is happy for him
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Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Cissy Wang, Wang Yuanyuan, Chapman To Man Jat and others last night attended Pegasus film company's Lunar New Year dinner, during which they made a toast to celebrate their Lunar New Year film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2011 (JUI KEUNG HEI SI)'s Southeast Asia box office success.

ALL'S after five days in Hong Kong release passed 10 million and eight days in Mainland release passed 100 million. Boss Wong Pak Ming was very satisfied. Eric Tsang Chi Wai's I LOVE HONG KONG (NGOR OI HK HOI SUM MAN SHUI) made 2 million more than ALL'S in Hong Kong. Did Wong Pak Ming feel like he lost the war of words to Chi Wai? "Not yet! The films are still in release. Globally I beat him. His is more suitable for Hong Kong taste because it is about housing estates and neighbors." Wong Pak Ming also said that this Lunar New Year Chinese film box office beat foreign films, thus he would like everyone to be more united. Chi Wai stated that if their box office exceeded 40 million they would celebrate with streaking and skinny dipping, Boss Wong could not be bothered with Chi Wai. "Since he said it let him bare all he wants, in addition, I already bared all in the film." He also predicted that ALL'S Hong Kong box office should have 20 million and Mainland should have 200 million.

Goo Jai was also satisfied with the box office. Playing an effeminate make up artist, he revealed that during the Lunar New Year children often asked him to play effeminate make up artist for them. In the future he will make a movie in a woman disguise. Was that due to ALL'S? He said, "No, but this film's reaction has been pretty good. (Will you need to lose your tan then?) Special effects will do it, the biggest special effect is making me lighter." To Man Jat earlier went to Dubai for a movie. This time he deliberately returned to Hong Kong to celebrate Valentine's Day with his wife. As for his nude scene in ALL'S being cut and only appearing during the end credits, he honestly said that he was very heartbroken because he really liked to bare his rear.

Carina Lau Ka Ling said that Ip Man possessed Yen Chi Tan during the film. He said, "In one scene in the film I really played Ip Man!" This Valentine's Day, Chi Tan took time off to be with his wife. As for a gift, he said, "Me! (Didn't you already give her a watch?) The watch is the appetizer, the most important is my net worth. (Did you leave that to your wife?) It's no big deal between a couple, since I have no idea she takes care of it!"

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