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Huang Yi, Lau Ching Wan

Louis Koo, Michelle Ye
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Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Huang Yi, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen), Wilfred Lau Ho Lung
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Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen), Huang Yi, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung two nights ago attended the OVERHEARD 2 (SIT TING FUNG WON 2)'s Causeway Bay press conference. The new film had nothing to do with the previous film. Ng Yin Cho will battle Goo Jai and Ching Wan, Goo Jai will sell out his wife Yip Shuen while Huang Yi and Ching Wan will play a couple. The relationships will be rather complicated. Producer Felix Chong Man Keung joked, "This time is somewhat unusual. Mainly we want to compete with 3D SEX AND ZEN so we will have bed scenes." Actually he was referring to Ching Wan and Huang Yi. Was Ching Wan challenging his screen limit? Ching Wan said, "Neither directors know how to make that type of movie so don't worry, but it should be entertaining!"

Goo Jai appeared scruffy looking with a head of white hair. In the film he played an anti terrorism department head, but because of his leg injury Goo Jai revealed that he could not handle even a simple running scene. However he would insist against using a double. Would this scene be postponed? Goo Jai said, "This isn't the only reason. The scene also requires a chase throughout the busy city streets and explosives, so it is more complex. The shoot has to control the scene proper. However lately I haven't rested much and I haven't done physical therapy. Earlier in a car chase I almost crashed, luckily I was fine." After this film will he make less action films? Goo Jai said that the next film will already require battle scene and horse riding. Luckily it will not shoot until the summer and he will be able to rest during the break.

Speaking of Isabella Leong Lok Si's break up announcement, Goo Jai looked shocked and said that he had no idea because he was working on the film. Since she issued a statement and they were outsiders, they should comment less as it was a private matter between two people. Did he feel the children was more innocent? Goo Jai believed that they have discussed that, otherwise the court would decide. Recent rumors claimed that Goo Jai's relationship with Richard Lee Jat Kai was ambiguous and Leong Lok Si was only a surrogate mother. Goo Jai smiled and said, "It's not true, I don't need to respond!"

Yip Shuen revealed that in the film Goo Jai will sell her out and put her in prison, but after her release they made up. She honestly said that she had previous experience with a boyfriend but did not talk about it in detail. Was she someone who would make an U turn? Yip Shuen said, "Depending on the situation like how much I love him, actually before the shoot we were only at a script reading I lost control and broke down. Goo Jai cried too." Speaking of Chan Kwok Keung who she has been linked romantically to will soon take over TVB, has anyone contacted her to return home? Yip Shuen said that it was a business secret; would she resist making series? She said, "It doesn't matter, depending on the script. (If Mr. Chan personally invites you?) Don't talk about anything that is unrelated."

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