Sunday, February 27, 2011


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AngelaBaby yesterday celebrated her birthday in advance with fans in Shenzhen. She said that this year on her 22nd birthday she will take a day off. After the event she will return to Hong Kong and she knew that her boyfriend Huang Xiaoming was already in Hong Kong. She declined to reveal whether she will spend her birthday with her boyfriend. "That day is personal time, please give me some personal space." As for her boyfriend's birthday gift for her, she said, "I haven't gotten it yet, but I didn't check out watches for him to give as reported."

She said that she avoided talking about her love life because she did not want it to affect work. When asked whether she did not have time for work because she was dating and thus reducing her role in BLACK AND WHITE, she was it was unrelated. Originally her role was just that and she has been very cooperative with the team. She said, "Human has eight hours of rest everyday, but no one see the over ten hours at work." She said that she cherished every chance that she had and has never turned down jobs due to personal reasons.

She felt that being busy was good and wished to win a Best Actress award. She has always been working hard together this goal. As for modeling she said, "I plan to focus on film, modeling to me has already come to an end. If I have time I will consider modeling again." At the birthday party her manager gave her a five figure watch for her birthday, Wong Cho Nam, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei and Louis Koo Tin Lok also sent recorded birthday wishes. Cho Nam whose character "Save It Baby" was based on her humorously joked that he had to praise how hot Baby was while his girlfriend was not around.

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