Friday, February 18, 2011


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Wong Cho Nam, Chapman To

Wong Jing
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Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum), Wong Jing, Ng Yu, Michael Lai Siu Tin, Anthony Lun Wing Leung, Wong Cho Nam
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Performing art creative academy press conference and course forum took place last night at the Hong Kong Art Center. President Ng Yu, academy honorary consultant group including Wong Jing, Chapman To Man Jat, Anthony Lun Wing Leung, Michael Lai Siu Tin and others attended. At the event the school announced its official establishment and student recruitment. It planned to recruit over 100 students and had a seven figure investment. As for instructor salary, he said that it would be the same across the board.

Wong Jing joked that Ng Yu asked him to come, as long as he was not asked to teach singing he was fine. He felt classes were good. Young people could learn the basics as they would not need to start with either busting out their chest or hardcore. Earlier he reportedly approached Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi about a movie. Wong Jing said that they were still in negotiation. Reportedly because Pak Chi was so busy that she could not make time to wrap up Frankie Chan Fun Kei's new film. Was he worried? Wong Jing believed that they had a communication problem. Nothing like that has ever happened to him. Even when the actor died he was able to wrap up the film.

Wong Cho Nam was the youngest among the consultants. He joked that as long as he talked more he could be an instructor. Would he teach how to get a girl? He pointed out that working in this business one has to stabilize his career before pursuing girls. He joked that h quit halfway. He also planned to spend his instructor salary on other courses for a class for class deal. He would like to attend Jeff Lau Chun Wai's class because they have not had a chance to work together yet. He would recommend himself. To Man Jat honestly said that in the business the
most important was for someone to give a chance. He as an instructor would share his experience with the students and teach everyone how to be smoother. He joked that since he has been in the business he has crossed over 100 people. This business also had more gossips because everyone in art thought they were great. He joked, "I really am knee deep in it." Has anyone still not forgiven him? He said, "No, people in this business are very kind."

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