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The Wong Jing directed, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Shao Bing, Liu Ye, Lin Miaoke starred film MO GA JI BO (PRICELESS TREASURE) is heating up in production in Zhejiang. Two nights ago a media visit took place. Wong Jing revealed that he only used a cup of ice cream for Lucas' silver screen debut. Earlier Pak Chi's comeback was rumored to be valued at 10 million. This time for Wong Jing's MO GA JI BO she will work with Cheng Chung Kei and others. Pak Chi's son Lucas will also guest star, the first time that the mother and son pair appeared on the big screen together.

This time for Lucas' cameo, Wong Jing said that he had a relationship with three generations of the Tse family. Lucas in the film will perform true to his form. As for Lucas' salary, Wong Jing joked that he only used a cup of ice cream to take care of him. As for Pak Chi's comeback salary reaching 10 million, Wong Jing said that Pak Chi's salary met the market demand price. Did he feel she was worth it? Wong Jing pointed out that he had no power over star salary, but good acting was the real reason.

Pak Chi took four roles on her comeback. She said that this film was a family adventure. The story style resembled Disney films. She took this role on certain level for Lucas. Wong Jing said that Pak Chi was more mature than before. She used to be a girl, but she has become a
responsible mother. This film will be released this summer. In the film Pak Chi played a successful director with a perfect family. Yet the "woman on top" family life put a cloud over her husband. In the film Lucas will play her son.

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