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Hong Kong film industry classic mother son team Deanie Ip Tak Han and Andy Lau Tak recently reunite for Ann Hui On Wa's latest film TOH JEH (SISTER PEACH). Based on a real story, the film is about a big family's young master Roger, the maid who raised him Sister Peach and their master servant relationship that tugs at the heart strings.

To bring the characters to life, Wa Jai and Sister Deanie under the director's arrangement earlier visited some seniors who worked as live in maid in senior centers to get an understanding of their work condition and experience. Wa Jai also met with the real Roger to talk about Sister
Peach's past so he could grasp the character easier. Sister Deanie honestly said that working with Wa Jai not only was fun for her acting bug, but she also hoped that through the master servant relationship in the film to remind everyone to care and love every elder around them. Sister Deanie not only had a deep understanding of Sister Peach's character but also paid attention to the look. She observed how seniors walked and looked, she even went more than two months without coloring her hair for the naturally aged look. She even prepared a prop cane on the set for the character.

The film has already officially begun production during the Lunar New Year. Investor Polybona boss Yu Dong even came to visit the set in Hong Kong. One day Wa Jai and Sister Deanie shot a gentle walk scene. With her back to the camera Sister Deanie limped along, which Wa Jai thought was very convincing. "This mother of mine truly is great!" Sister Deanie accepted Wa Jai's praise fully and said, "Earlier I shot a market scene, no one recognized me. I looked left and right at a vegetable stall. That vendor asked me, Granny what kind of vegetable would you like? It was a lot of fun."

Early in the shoot, the neighbors thought they were just an ordinary mother and son out for a walk. Fans recognized Wa Jai then the location was filled with neighbors. Luckily they were very cooperative and did not hinder the shoot. A neighbor ran into idol Wa Jai and excitedly joked, "I ran into Wa Jai downstairs, how can this year not be lucky?"

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