Friday, February 11, 2011


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Fan Bingbing in the new film BUDDHA MOUNTAIN played a wild and rebellious bar singer. In the film she performed Mavis Fan Hiu Huen's WAR, privately Bingbing also admired Fan Hiu Huen a lot. Thus Bingbing had the inspiration of inviting Fan Hiu Huen to create a theme song for the film and discussed it with director Li Yu. Fan Hiu Huen quickly agreed. After watching the film she was filled with inspiration and worked the song in the short time. Li Yu's friend Han Han after hearing the new music related to it and rapidly wrote lyrics for the new song. Finally Fan Bingbing performed the theme song as the trio's collaboration came to fruition! Today Bingbing will work on the theme song music video with lead actor Chen Bo-Lin. The music video will be released later this month.

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