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Director Stanley Kwai Kam Peng plays to adapt novelist Han Han's work HIS KINGDOM into a film and has been working on the script. Reportedly Mainland star Fan Bingbing has been ousted due to "differences" with the character image, as popular Taiwan star Kwai Lun-Mei will team up with Juno Mak Chun Lung as a couple.

Director Kwan Kam Peng has always had unique eyes as he successfully bought the rights to the red hot Mainland novelist Han Han's work HIS KINGDOM. He has been working hard to adapt it into a screenplay. Reportedly the film will focus on the male lead's romantic relationships with the two female leads. Reportedly the female characters were originally confirmed to be top Mainland star Fan Bingbing and UNDER THE HAWTHORN TREE's innocent star Zhou Dongyu, but because Bingbing looked differently from the character in the novel she finally was dropped. The film company began to look for a new actress and finally Taiwan star Kwai Lun-Mei with her fresh image will team with Hong Kong representative Juno Mak Chun Lung who is close to her age.

Kwan Kam Peng said, "I have met with Fan Bingbing, but unfortunately she wasn't right. (Kwai Lun-Mei and Mak Chun Lung will star?) Actually everything is in very initial stages, I don't have anything that I can reveal yet." Mak Chun Lung through his manager admitted that both parties have had "very initial contact" but the film company would have the details.

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