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Ng Yu, William Chan Wai Ting
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The 7th Hong Kong Entertainment Expo will take place between March 21 and April 17. Yesterday a press conference was held in Wanchai Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Hong Kong Film Award Association director Wong Bo Chu, Hong Kong International Film Festival Association director Ko Si Wai, Asian Film award director Ho Yuet Fung, Hong Kong Asia Popular Music Fair planning committee chair and IFPI (Hong Kong) chair Ng Yu and others attended to introduce the details of each segment. At the same time William Chan Wai Ting was announced as the representative in the Hong Kong Asia Popular Music Fair and compete against representatives from 7 nations for the new Asia superstar, the best song performance and best stage performance awards.

William was invited to introduce the details wit Ng Yu. William honestly said that he was honored to represent Hong Kong, but Ng Yu joked, "Participation is good, but I would rather he loses. As an experience it would be good." William joked that because of what he said he would not lose in front him. Actually he knew Ng Yu was just joking. He has always encouraged him. Would a defeat be very embarrassing since he was an artist? William said, "Luckily artists of other places are competing too. In competition it is either victory or defeat, I am prepared for that." William also revealed that the Hong Kong International Film Festival will take place on the same day. His new film HI, FIDELITY (CHOOK GWAI DIK NUI YUN) will participate. Thus that day he will commute between two locations. He seemed to be on top in music and film? William said, "I am very happy and also feel that this year will be very memorable. This is a good start. (Will you ask girlfriend Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin to cheer you on?) I don't know where to tell her to go. (Both venues!) If she has nothing better to do then I would, the film festival in particular I have looked forward to for a long time." Will he ask his girlfriend to make chicken feet soup for him? William said that he has been drinking it all along but it came from his mother.

With about a month before the contest, William said that the competition information seemed to be very confidential. He only heard that representatives will come from Korea and Japan. Actually the competition was great motivation for him because he has always admired Japanese and Korean artists' dancing abilities. This would be a great exchange platform. Will he train with a famous instructor? William said with self confidence, "I feel the choreographer now is the most suitable for me. I am very confident. Actually I like to compete, like in New Talent. Yet I haven't competed in 6 years." William said that he will compete with an all new arrangement and choreography of TAIL. As for sexy costumes, he said, "I haven't thought about it. (Will he sniff around about the competition?) I feel I have to do my part first, no matter who the competition will be I will still do my best."

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