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The film PERFECT WEDDING (PO PO CHIU GAI YUN) that won Miriam Yeung Chin Wa the Hong Kong Film Critic Society Best Actress Award will premiere on March 5 on TVB pay television movie channel. Chin Wa yesterday attended the promotion with actor Raymond Lam Fung, Pierre Ngo Ka Nin and director Barbara Wong Chun Chun. Everyone raised glasses to toast Chin Wa's Best Actress award. Hong Kong's Madame Tussaud's loaned Chin Wa's wax figure for Chin Wa to personally change it into the film's costume.

Lam Fung last year due to work could not attend Chin Wa's wedding. Chin Wa joked that she had to make him buy dinner. Lam Fung generously agreed to take her to ten meals to make up. Chin Wa joked that they would eat from Hong Kong to Xiamen, then go on an island tour. She also joked, "I have to learn to invest, frying rice noodle, property!" Lam Fung said that she could have a discount on property purchase. When Lam Fung presented awards to fans, fans had to pick colors and he coaxed them as attentively as he would with his girlfriend. Chin Wa said that he had quite a rich kid feel. Lam Fung's chok look was known everywhere. Lately Michael Tse Tin Wa's THE RIPPLING BLOSSOM (YU YUEK JOI FA GEIN) look was very chok and very much like him. Lam Fung said, "He is more chok, he has always been more chok than me. I have known him for years, I lost. (Was he impersonating you?) We each have our own style." Chin Wa was asked whether her husband or Lam Fung more chok. He said that her husband at the concert impersonated Lam Fung, perhaps because he has been around Lam Fung more.

Speaking of Leong Lok Si's break up announcement, Chin Wa said that this was a personal matter between two people and outsiders should not comment. In addition she had no idea what happened. As long as they were able to resolve it then it was fine. Did she feel their children were very innocent? She said, "Adults would come to an understanding before issuing a statement. I believed that they handled it before the announcement. Outsiders should not comment." Lam Fung's opinion was similar to Chin Wa's. Leong Lok Si was rumored to receive 3 billion for the break up. He was surprised. "Really? No way." Would he support Leong Lok Si's comeback? He asked, "Coming back to our company? (Would you welcome her?) I don't know, we didn't have a chance to work together before. I would like to work with anyone who I haven't worked with."

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