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Chow Yun Fat, Donnie Yen Chi Tan
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Chow Yun Fat in the Filmko new film THE MONKEY KING (DAI LAU TIN GUNG) played the Jade Emperor. Because the team has kept full confidentiality on each character's information, viewers have been looking forward to the Jade Emperor that Fat Gor described as "Heavenly Palace CEO".

Earlier the film finally unveiled Fat Gor's Jade Emperor look. The traditional Jade Emperor often sat in the Lingxiao Hall and dressed in a golden dragon robe like ancient emperors. Yet Fat Gor's costume had the daring change from gold to silver with a dragon head scepter in hand. The costume was a mix of the East and the West and had the royalty of three worlds. Chow Yun Fat's Jade Emperor seemingly should be the most "international" style. At the same time, this Jade Emperor would not command from behind the scene and be all talk without any action. Fat Gor would lead the gods in battle, and the dragon head scepter in his hand would be the Jade Emperor's ultimate weapon. As for why the dragon head scepter, art director Daniel Fu Dung explained, "Mainly the dragon head scepter is more regal than weapons like swords and has more weight to it. It is even more able to embody the Jade Emperor's identity as the ruler of three worlds."

The film's actor and action director Yen Chi Tan made many scenes both dramatic and action with Fat Gor, and they had quite a chemistry. Yen Chi Tan worked with Chow Yun Fat for the first time and Fat Gor on numerous occasions praised Chi Tan's Sun Wukong for not only fighting pretty but also very convincing in the dramatic scenes; as action director Yen Chi Tan while directing Fat Gor's action scenes also complimented Fat Gor's agility and ability to handle highly difficult action sequences. Two superstars could be said as mutually admiring and should be able to set of sparks.

In addition, Filmko also invited Fat Gor to star in CRAZY SENIOR HOME with Ge You. Fat Gor has always admired director Zhang Yang's style and thus was considering the role. As for whether Fat Gor's salary will increase, boss Alex Wong Hoi Fung said that with Fat Gor's outstanding acting and draw, a raise would be reasonable.

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