Thursday, February 10, 2011



"The strongest in the universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan last year reached 800 million in total box office alone. He was also the only Hong Kong actors to be invited to appear in the EXPERIENCE CHINA ad, proving his draw. To support Hong Kong film, Chi Tan earlier attended an event with the Chief Executive and his wife and took the chance to reflect the problems that the local film industry faced. He even received the First Lady's reply, "We definitely support it, we would always spend money to watch movies."

Chi Tan earlier was named the ocean conservation ambassador and at the event he was arranged to dine with Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam Kuen and his wife. The hot blooded Chi Tan of course would not miss the chance to discuss the local film industry with them. "I asked Mr. and Mrs. Chief Executive to support Hong Kong films more, fight piracy, illegal online download and other activities. Mrs. Tsang replied, 'We definitely support it, we would always spend money to watch movies.' Then I joked, 'Then you have to see ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2011 (JUI KEUNG HEI SI)!' Due to the topic of the evening was ocean conservation, to avoid getting too far from the topic we only chatted a little. I guarantee that they would remember this because Hong Kong film is very important and valuable property and culture."

If he would have another chance to run into them again, what would Chi Tan want to fight for on behalf of the local film industry? "Shooting on location in Hong Kong actually is somewhat troublesome. I understand that Hong Kong is a small place, we can't cause traffic jams. Yet the lack of shoot location is a problem too. I hope we would be able to find a way that would work for everyone. Later I will have several modern films that want to shoot in Hong Kong!"

After being the tought guy, Chi Tan immediately returned to his tender side when asked about his Lunar New Year wish. "I wish to be able to properly enjoy some quality time with my wife and children, cherish every second, cultivate relationships and enjoy the joy of parenthood. I also wish for good health for everyone." Chi Tan last year made over 800 million in China and Hong Kong total box office. Would he like another break through this year? "Whether I break it or not is unimportant, I can't control the box office. I only want to do my best and be able to answer to the audience. Winning back No. 1 word of mouth is enough." In addition, martial art master Chi Tan in the future had intention to drop his armor and play new characters with more clear cut layers. "I want to keep making good movies, play different characters. I don't want to keep doing the 'same old thing'. I have to keep improving in acting and give the audience more freshness. (What kind of character would you like to play?) In ALL'S I also have a break through. I have to add to my range, keep honing my acting, make more movies that are able to spread positive energy. This is what I want to do." Chi Tan has always taken great care of his wife. When he had time he definitely would "follow" his wife. Earlier they appeared at a hospital, his every move was more than attentive to his wife. Rumor of another child spread. Chi Tan mysteriously said, "I have a joyous event! The release of ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2011."

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