Tuesday, February 22, 2011


courtesy of takungpao.com

The film BUDDHA MOUNTAIN two nights ago held a theme song music video press conference in Beijing. Director Li Yu, actors Fan Bingbing, Chen Bo-Lin, and song writer Mavis Fan Hiu Huen attended together. The lyrics write Han Han was absent due to a car race.

Li Yu said that this music video was a work of fate. A group of young friends who passionately set it up because their love for film. She personally directed the music video, Bingbing and Chen Bo-Lin starred. Bingbing even volunteered to sing. Fan Hiu Huen said that Bingbing's
performance in BUDDHA was very surprisingly beautiful to her. Han Han's lyrics also touched her so this song went very smoothly for her. Later she would like to sing this song as well.

Bingbing said that after this time the trio would be called Fan Fan Han, she hoped that everyone would support her. Speaking of the experience of singing this song, Bingbing honestly said, "Indeed I didn't sound as good as Fan Hiu Huen, but during the performance I was very focused and relaxed. Instead I was not nervous at all; Han Han's lyrics and Fan Hiu Huen's music need round after round of feeling to truly grasp this song's real meaning. I would let myself feel young and perform it again. That feeling is 'madness'." In the music video, Bo-Lin and Bingbing had to shoot in the water together. How was his underwater abilities? He only said, "Being able to make such a special music video with friends who like this film indeed was very fun, the shoot also brought me back to the initial condition of the film production."

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