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WHAT WOMEN WANT will be released during Valentine's Day. Andy Lau Tak Wa and Gong Li have made movies for years but never worked together. Actually they have always admired each other and paid attention to the other's performance.

Since they were able to fulfill their dream of working together, they were actually able to kill multiple birds with one stone. Gong Li knew Wa Jai was very serious and demanding, at first she was somewhat stressed. "Although I have looked forward to working together for the first time, ultimately we have never truly been in touch and I was a little nervous. Later after spending some time together, I realized that Wa Jai would often joke around and truly knew how to relax at work. After this collaboration, I learned from him a different kind of acting. It was
different from our academic performance. Actually many performances would not have just one format. With a good co-stars like Wa Jai, we had mutual exchanges and achieved ideal quality."

Wa Jai said that he waited a long time before finally working with sexy goddess Gong Li. He complimented her as a great actress with quality acting and working with her was quite a honor for him. Wa Jai continued, "I haven't made a romantic comedy in years. The feeling is both strange and familiar. This time is even with new co-star Gong Li, I believe it will be able to bring infinite freshness to the audience. We worked together for the first time. At first we needed a little break in time, but very soon we had chemistry and set off many sparks. On many occasions we even ate together like a family." Wa Jai joked that he was a
little fatter because of that.

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