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Huayi Brothres last year produced many commercial and critical hit films. Yesterday Huayi Brothers 2011 Project H press conference was held in Beijing to to announce the company's 2011 film plans. This year Huayi will invest in ten new films, three of which will be sequels LOVE IN SPACE, DETECTIVE DEE prequel and PAINTED SKIN 2. LOVE IN SPACE (CHUEN KAU YIT LUEN) continues from HOT SUMMER DAYS (CHUEN SING YIT LUEN YIT LAT LAT) while PAINTED SKIN 2 will be Wu Ershan directed. As for whether the Tsui Hark directed DETECTIVE DEE prequel will have the original cast Andy Lau Tak Wa, Li Bingbing, Carina Lau Ka Ling and others, Tsui Hark played mysterious. He only said that Detective Dee will be
younger, but their experience was even more mature.

Aside from sequels, heavyweights like Jackie Chan and Ronny Yu Yun Tai will work with Huayi on CHINESE ZODIAC and YANG CLAN WARRIORS. As Huayi Brother's most prominent director, Feng Xiaogang's AFTER SHOCK last year was very popular. Reportedly Feng Xiaogang this year will make either BATTLE OF TRIANGLE HILL or BOMBING OF CHONGQING. Yesterday the press conference only revealed that Feng Xiaogang will make a new film next year. Huayi chief Wang Zhonglei said that Feng Xiaogang this year indeed will make a big production, the preparation and the production period would be very long and require a lot of personnel and material. The title, subject and other details will be announced later.

"Little Director Fung" Stephen Fung Tak Lun this year will make TAI CHI, Huayi Brothers first giant production of 2011 with Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit) and Chen Kuo-Fu as producers. Fung Tak Lun recently signed with Huayi under the radar and became Huayi's first Hong Kong star. Huayi in return presented an extravagant "dowry", aside from promising Fung Tak Lun independent professional agent team it also will tailor many film and television productions for him. TAI CHI will be Fung Tak Lun's first film as a director after joining Huayi.

Producer Lee Nin Kit will also play a legendary martial art figure in the film, but whether he will be the action director or not it remained uncertain. Fung Tak Lun said that in the film industry no one understood the Tai Chi spirit more than Lee Nin Kit and no one knew Tai Chi better than him. Thus he will respect Lee Nin Kit's martial art design suggestions. As for Stephen Chow Sing Chi's project of the same name, Fung's TAI CHI will start production and be released earlier than Chow Sing Chi's. However, Chow Sing Chi earlier registered the title in the Mainland so he still had the title exclusivity. Fung Tak Lun yesterday said that he was uncertain about Chow Sing Chi's new film plan or what his TAI CHI will be about. Huayi will work on the title. In addition, Huayi will start work on the Tom Lin Shu-Yu directed STARRY SKY, Doze Niu Chen-Zer directed LOVE and Pang Ho Cheung directed EVERYONE LOVES TENDER WOMAN.

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