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Already the mother of three children with Richard Lee Jat Kai, Isabella Leong Lok Si yesterday suddenly issued a letter to the media. Just as everyone thought that she was about to marry rich, she revealed that she and Lee Jat Kai have broken up, but they would raise the children together because their common goal was for the children to grow up happy and healthy. She also would like to stop all the endless speculation and conjecture of them from the outside.

Last night around 6PM, Isabella suddenly issued a letter to the media. "To all media friends, as a new year begins, I wish everyone all the best in your endeavours and further improvement. In 2011, I personally have also entered a new stage of life. Mr. Lee Jat Kai and I have broken
up. We once had a beautiful time together. We will raise our children together. Their happy and healthy growth is our common goal. Also, I would like to end all the endless speculation and conjecture about us outside. - Leong Lok Si, February 26 2011"

Currently 22, Isabella in 2007 while working on THE MUMMY 3 THE TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR through Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King) met the city's top bachelor Richard Lee Jat Kai. Although they had a 20 year age different, Lee Jat Kai fell in love at first sight with Isabella. She also preferred mature man and finally they got together. Isabella at the time with ISABELLA won a Porto Film Festival Best Actress and had a contract with Emperor. Reportedly Lee Jat Kai paid 100 million as compensation on her behalf to resolve the contract problem. In 2009 Isabella in Canada gave birth to son Lee Cheung Chi, the family of three even issued photos to the media. Last June Isabella again gave birth to twin sons. Since then she rarely appeared in Hong Kong but shared her life with her son online.

Because Isabella already gave birth to three songs to the Lee family, outside speculated that she will soon marry rich. Earlier Lee Ka Shing reportedly rebuilt his Deep Water Bay mansion, leaving the fourth floor for younger son Lee Jat Kai's family of five. Yet recently a magazine caught Isabella chatting with a handsome man in a Toronto bar for three hours and even claimed that because Lee Jat Kai could not be with the family for a long period of time she could not be lonelier. Thus when Isabella revealed the break up, everyone thought it was over a third party. Reporters contacted her Hong Kong spokesperson Lo Mik Shuet, who stressed that their break up was unrelated to the earlier magazine report. She even said that the report barked up the wrong tree. "The man in the photo is Bella's elementary school classmate. Richard has met him before and dined with him. Everyone are very close friends, I feel linking the break up with this is very unfair to Bella! (Are Bella and the children in Vancouver?) They are overseas. (Will she return to Hong Kong and make a comeback?) None of those will be the most important thing for her to consider right now. Her focus will be on the children because they are still young." She also praised that Lee Jat Kai and Isabella were above board, not only did they share their children's births but also their break up. They would not sneak away.

Chapman To Man Jat made ISABELLA and was close to Isabella. About her break up announcement, Ah Jat said that he was not surprised. He felt that people were either together or apart, and life was unexpected. He honestly said that he did not have any comment and reiterated that love was like this, either together or apart; however he believed that every couple definitely had a reason to break up. Has he called Isabella to console her? He said that he did not much about the matter, perhaps he would call her later. Ah Jat also pointed out that Isabella was a very strong girl, so he would not be too worried about her and believed that she would know to handle it. He said, "It's very minor. (Would you like her to make a movie comeback?) That depends on her decision, I have no comment."

Anthony Wong Chau Sun became closer to Isabella during the ISABELLA production and occasionally had contact. Yet yesterday Chau Sun through his assistant said that he would not respond to other people's personal matter, this was their decision and he would respect them.

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