Tuesday, February 15, 2011


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Andy Lau Tak Wa and Mainland actress Yuan Li starred WHAT WOMEN WANT two nights ago held a premiere in Tsim Sha Tsui, but lead actress Gong Li did not attend. Two nights ago the event arranged for three couples to play games. One couple draw the same picture as if they had a psychic bond and Wa Jai honestly said that he was envious of how in tune they were. However he did not know whether they planned it in advance. Wa Jai in the film had the ability to hear women's thoughts. Was he very understanding of women? Wa Jai honestly said that women were hard to understand. Would he like to be able to hear women's thoughts? He said that he was better off without it as he would be happier finding out himself. If he had the ability it would be not different from knowing his own fate.

Two days ago was Valentine's Day, how did Wa Jai spend it with his wife? He somewhat awkwardly said, "It's fine! I have my plans." He said that the next day he had to work early so he would like to go to bed sooner. Would he give flowers to his wife? He said, "I am very low key, thank you." He said that he did not give any present. Was he afraid that his wife would be mad? He said, "No, OK, thank you everyone." Did he have a psychic connection with his wife? He only said that thank you everyone and asked reporters not to constantly ask these questions. Without co-star Gong Li was his responsible enormous? Wa Jai hoped that Hong Kong films would gradually become the primary market. Did his wife pick out his clothes? He said no, they came from the sponsors.

Wa Jai reportedly due to a Cantonese now television interview faced a Cable boycott. He said that he read how serious it was from the reports and would get an understanding. He said that he has always done Cable interviews in Mandarin. Under what condition would he conduct a Cable interview in Cantonese? He said, "No condition, I have always done so." After the ceremony, Wa Jai went to chat with Cable anchor Wai Chi Ho.

Mainland actress Yuan Li was asked about her kiss scene with Wa Jai. She said that she was already under Wa Jai's spell without the kiss because he was too handsome.

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