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The 35th Hong Kong International Film Festival opening film DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART (DAN SUN NAM NUI) could not avoid intimate scenes due to it being a light romantic film. However these kiss scenes were funnier than others. In one scene Louis Koo Tin Lok in order to kiss Gao Yuanyuan had to overcome an assortment of obstacles, climbing walls, demolishing homes, and even passing the director Johnnie To Kei Fung to be able to kiss the beauty.

In the story Yuanyuan forgot her keys. Expert climber Koo Tin Lok climbed to her fourth floor home then into it through a bathroom window. As soon as he got into the home ten bras that hung by the window covered his head, then he had to rapidly decorate Yuanyuan's home. He arranged sticky notes and candles into heart shapes to win Yuanyuan's heart. Then they had a marathon kiss. However this performance had difficulties at every turn. First he had to personally perform the four story climb in one take. Finally Goo Jai climbed for three hours before he was able to get indoors for the shoot. The crew was concerned for Goo Jai's safety so it cautiously put him in wires. He only took four times to complete the climb. Only before the shoot the positions and camera coordination rehearsals were time consuming. When they got indoors for the "eight diagram bra trap", Goo Jai excitedly said, "Although I have worked on movies about bras, this time had so many and they kept brushing my head. I also had to struggle with them. I really thought they were somewhat cursed and I should get some pummelo leaf shampoo!"

As for Goo Jai and Yuanyuan's marathon kiss, they had to keep taking their marks. They kissed as they went almost all over the home to every corner. They had to study the entire route to be certain. To Sir even displayed his do it himself personality. In order for them to perform more convincingly, To Sir sacrificed him in Yuanyuan's role and tried the mark with Goo Jai. With 0.5 centimeters more his lips would have been on Goo Jai's. Goo Jai said, "Hey! Don't you really kiss! I am afraid I wouldn't be able to hold myself back!" Yuanyuan and Goo Jai said that this kiss scene was not romantic at all, because they had to keep taking their markets they constantly had bumps and bruises. Yuanyuan joked, "Goo Jai's nose ran into mine several times, we knocked foreheads sometimes. I had to tolerate the pain to make this kiss scene, so it
wasn't romantic at all."

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