Wednesday, February 23, 2011


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The Xu Jinglei and Li Yapeng starred CHERISH OUR LOVE FOREVER broke the 100 million mark in its first week of release. Yesterday a publication released a photo of Xu Jinglei and Big Brother Jackie Chan's "passionate kiss".

According to Xu Jinglei's workshop, Old Xu and Big Brother Jackie Chan had a decent relationship. "That day she attended Big Brother Jackie Chan's new restaurant event. Over 20 people went. Old Xu had a little to drink, Big Brother walked her out. The photo description exaggerated too much, obviously it was a goodbye kiss between friends! Old Xu saw the news today and had a good laugh." As for Old Xu's new romance, the worker had no idea about the artist's personal life. "At the CHERISH premiere Old Xu admitted having a boyfriend all along, we don't know anything more." After CHERISH Xu Jinglei is working on a new film about business competition and she will direct and star. The production will start at the end of April. As for the "passionate kiss" rumor, Jackie Chan's management had no comment. "Who doesn't greet a few friends, it's too normal!"

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