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Linah Matsuoka, Kate M.

Liu Yuqi, Carol Yeung Chi Yiu
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The Paco Wong produced, Chin Kwok Wai directed new film HA YUT LUEN YUT LUEN (SUMMER DAY LOVE ONE LOVE) yesterday held a production start ceremony in Sheung Wan. Actors included Lollipop F member Owodog, Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam, IF YOU ARE THE ONE 2's Mainland actress Zhang Xinyu, Carol Cheng Chi Yiu and Mainland actress Liu Yuqi. Star Alex Fong Lik Sun was absent since he was working on a Mainland series.

Kong Yeuk Lam in the film played a couple with Owodog. Speaking of all the shapely actresses in the film, she laughed and said she knew. In the film she and Owodog constantly quarreled. As for intimate scenes, she did not whether they would have any but she did not want any. Because she had too many female fans, she was afraid that people would yell at her online. However, she expected rumors and would treat them like promotions.

Owodog said that he knew that the film had many actresses, but he would put career first and would not just look at girls. This film will shoot in Hainan, Shenzhen and Macau. Will he appear in swimwear? He said that he would wear floral pattern trunks. Kong Yeuk Lam said that she would not because her character was somewhat a tomboy and a clown like Sandra Ng Kwan Yu early in her career. Yeung Chi Yiu yesterday was not as sexy as Mainland actress Liu Yuqi and had her thunder stolen. She did not mind as she felt she did not have to dress provocatively for the production start. In the film she would wear swimwear.

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