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Louis Cheung Kai Chung two nights ago with Myolie Wu Hung Yi, Patrick Tang Kin Won, Sukie Shek Wing Lei attended the web drama HONG KONG WEST SIDE STORIES wrap banquet. Ah Chung revealed that in February next year he would work on a new film about a boxer. Originally it should have started production last year but it dragged on. He ended up spending two years to prepare for his character, kept training to box and get bigger. So far he has gained 35 pounds. For the shoot he would have to drop another 20 pounds. Ah Chung said that he did not have that much flesh even in his adolescence. Now he was full from every year and went from 145 o 180 pounds. His arm was 15.5 inch thick, his chest was 44 inches and he went from medium to double extra large! He had to get an all new wardrobe.

Ah Chung said that now his look was very macho, but he would try to avoid similar subjects. Earlier he already turned down a movie about MMA. His new film would be an inspirational boxing film about family, a rare subject in recent years. He already looked forward to it very much. Ah Chung has been training with a boxing coach for six full days a week. "The coach started to learn to box in his teens. I am in my 30s or 40s, I am really very tired. I would be tired from just standing. Actually I am already tired from bandaging my hands to put on the gloves, before any training. I really want the audience to see the result of my hard work. However I still have three movies to make before the production starts. In one I have to be in prison, the biggest in size but also the biggest chicken. Whenever a fight breaks out he hides in a corner. Now I can't show off my muscles. The bodily curves have to hide and rest for awhile. The funniest was earlier when I made a commercial, fans after watching it thought my head was key onto another body! They even asked only action stars would use doubles, why would I use a double for a dramatic scene? Also this was also the first time someone called me Chubby since age 10, I rather enjoy the feeling."

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