Wednesday, June 20, 2018


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Cheung Tat Ming and Kam Kwok Leung yesterday were guest presenters at Radio Hong Kong's Hong Kong Book Prize. Tat Ming joked that the event probably invited the wrong person. Although he has written a few books he belonged to the stage division. However Tat Ming expressed that when he was little he madly followed Louis Cha and Ni Kuang's work. He also came in contact with classic Chinese literature JOURNEY TO THE WEST, LEGEND OF THE WATER MARGIN and ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS. Later he also fell for foreign cultures as he would not miss any Nobel Prize winning books. He said that when he came in contact with the stage, he also ran into Hong Kong novelist Eileen Chang and Lillian Lee Pik Wah's work and felt that literature could interact and influence film mutually. "Now the stage is doing the same thing. I would adapt my first award winning play to silver screen with (Francis) Ng Chun Yu, (Anita) Yuen Wing Yi, (Louis) Koo Tin. I also plan to turn two of my other plays into movies." Would he write another book? Tat Ming said that he would write, but now he would mainly write scripts. Because his scripts would be written in Cantonese, its culture would not be as deep as writing a novel.

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