Tuesday, June 26, 2018


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Bryant Mak, Carmen Soup and Carlos Chan
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Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Bryant Mak Chi Lok and Carmen Soup (Tong Ka Man) two nights ago attended the horror film BUYER BEWARE (GUK OK) premiere. Mak Chi Lok said that because of the film he developed a brotherly relationship with Chan Ka Lok. "We worked on location in Malaysia. Ka Lok got sick and lost his voice and everyday I brought him medicine. I went to the Genting casino with Tong Ka Man on our free time and won several hundred bucks. We bought durian to celebrate but Ka Lok couldn't have any." Mak Chi Lok praised Chan Ka Lok for being handsome and refined. He hoped to have a chance to work together again in the future. Outside work they also became friends as they often met for sports and leisure. Did the recently heartbroken Chan Ka Lok have any heart to heart talk with him? Mak Chi Lok said, "Rarely, we get it so I wouldn't ask. I would only keep him company."

Chan Ka Lok returned his strange experience while shooting the film in Malaysia for two weeks, as he had fever, sore throat and wisdom tooth problems. He did not even have the voice to deliver his lines. Once he returned to Hong Kong he was fine. He said, "Luckily Chi Lok was experienced and reacted from reading my lips. I thank him for taking care of me, but an argument scene would require further voice work." Chan Ka Lok said that this film was his and Mak Chi Lok's comeback film. "We didn't make a lot of movies before, but when we made this film another director asked us to perform."

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