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Anthony Chan gets support from his fellow Wynners Kenny Bee, Bennett Pang and Alan Tam for his new film
Jonathan Wong and Carlos Chan also perform
Veterans Kara Wai, Elaine Jin and Simon Yam benefit the new comers greatly
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The Sil-Metropole invested, Anthony Chan Yau written, directed and produced film based on the Wynners' struggles, HOUSE OF THE RISING SONS (HING DAI BAN) will open on July 19th in Hong Kong. Chan Yau, Alan Tam Wing Lun, Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To), Bennett Pang Kin Sun and three younger versions Eugene Tang Ka Lok, Lam Yiu Sing and Ng Hok Him yesterday promoted the film. Chan Yau revealed that the film will open nationally on July 20th. July was the Mainland's national film protection month as few big foreign films would open in this period. Thus they felt very fortunate.

Chan Yau announced that the good news that the 17th New York Asian Film Festival selected the film for a global premiere on July 2nd. The organizer even said that the Wynners was a band worth remembering in Asia and thus arranged for two American bands to perform their hits. Principal Tam said, "The event asked a pair of American groups to sing our songs. We suggested to them for the Village People to sing LOVE instead of YMCA. They can even perform our choreography." Would he go along to jam? Principal joked, "No one says we are invited, should we be so cheap to ask!"

As for other good news, Chan Yau revealed that the film was slated for a nationwide release on July 20th. July was the Mainland's national film protection period, few big foreign films would be released during this time. Thus they felt rather lucky. Principal joked, "July is the ghost festival, all the foreign ghosts are avoiding it. Our film is righteous and positive, driving away all the bull ghosts and snake gods. However Chan Yau is the director, he would take all the credit or the blame!"

Chan Yau said that this time he hoped to be able to break into the Mainland market with Hong Kong film's spirit and nostalgia, to meet the Mainland China market with Hong Kong film specialty. However this time he did not write the story alone, the brothers gave suggestions. He only arranged them together. After 20 years directing again felt the same, only now he has more technology to help. Storytelling is his specialty, everyday he was coaxing buddies to take him to dinner. Were the new actors obedient? Chan Yau said that the new comers were very cooperative, they already met and rehearsed songs two or three months before the shoot. Chan Ka Lok as Kin Jai was spot on. Chan Yau said that this script was not from Ah B or Alan's point of view, but from the points of view of three victims in Ah Keung, Kin Jai and him. Ah B objected, "You are not victims, you are the beneficiaries!" Principal also said, "They should be the weakling. Since Ah B and I sang lead, the focus naturally fell on us. This time everyone's pain was told from Kin Jai's angle, we became supporting players!" Chan Yau clarified that every character was important. Principal disagreed. "I don't feel that!" Chan Yau again explained that Alan became the focus. This time started from 69 when the Wynners was formed. Mainly the group of young people would play that. Then in 93 for our first reunion after the disbanding concert to 2016 Wynners concerts they officially performed, an over 10 second close up of how Alan's waist ballooned up was very touching. Principal helplessly said, "It came from all the training!"

Would the Wynners reunite for another concert? Principal said that he would not eliminate the possibility, but Ah B would first perform his own show. Ah B admitted that he has not perform a solo concert in 10 years so he was planning to. Among the three new actors, Tang Ka Lok played Alan. He said that because he grew up in Canada, he was not too familiar with the Wynners' background and relied on Mommy the "Principal fan" to tutor him. However during the shoot director Chan Yau did not permit them to meet the real Wynners as he was afraid that their performance would be affected. Lam Yiu Sing played Ah Keung. He said that it was very hard to find information on Ah Keung online and felt that he was a Buddhist bassist. As Chan Yau Ng Hok Him knew how to play the drums before, but he still had to practice for awhile before performing.

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