Wednesday, June 20, 2018


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Chrissie Chau Sau Na in the Herman Yau Lai To crime action new film THE LEAKERS (SIT MUK JEH MOON) played a couple with Vinz Sze Cho Lam. After Sze Cho Lam's mysterious death, Sister Na had to carry an important item and run from Malaysia to Hong Kong. On the way dangers lurked everywhere. When she reached her hotel in Hong Kong she ran into a killer disguised as a hotel employee Wiyona Yeung Lau Ching. Defenseless, Yeung Lau Ching held her down and beat her, then tossed her toward a sofa as she rolled to the floor. However, Sister Na was very professional and agile with the stunts. Sister Na said, "Before the action scene we communicated very well, so the shoot was very safe and very smooth."

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