Sunday, June 24, 2018


Bryant Mak, Carlos Chan and Carman Soup
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Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Bryant Mak Chi Lok and Carmen Soup (Tong Ka Man) recently worked together on BUYER BEWARE (GUK OK). The trio while shooting in Malaysia ran into supernatural incidents. Chan Ka Lok said that in one scene he was shooting photos with a mobile phone at an unit. Due to an angle issue, he thought, "It would be great if someone would prop up my arm!" Then he really felt a force propping up his arm. After the shoot he realized no one was around. At the time he was a little scared, but he felt that someone was helping him.

In addition, Chan Ka Lok could not help but complain about the shoot. "I was sick for a long time when I made this film, toothache, fever and voice loss. I even had to see a dentist there. Several scenes even needed post production voice work. Everyone said that I was like that because I didn't participate in the worship ceremony, but as a Christian I couldn't." Mak Chi Lok and Tong Ka Man went to the casino on their free time. They said that they have never won money before, that day they bet on their hotel room number and won.

In the film they were all being scared. Would they like to try scaring people in their next horror film? Chan Ka Lok turned it down right away and said that special effect make up was quite a pain. He said that once he saw an actress' special effect make up that really had something burrowing in her arm. It was terrifying! Mak Chi Lok would like the chance to try special effect make up. Tong Ka Man wanted to be pretty. She said that this time she was possessed. She saw that her expressions were all very frightening. In addition, Chan Ka Lok in the film had a passionate scene and showed off his physique. He said that when he got the script it did not have any bed scene. Later the director felt it was needed. He happened to be working out for other jobs so it was perfect for the performance. As for how passionate the bed scene was, he said that everyone would find out at the movies.

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