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Action film BIG BROTHER (DAI SI HING) held a press conference in Shangha, executive producer, producer and actor Donnie Yen Chi Tan and director Kam Ka Wai along with actors Joe Chen Chiao-En, Yu Kang, Bruce Tong Kwan Chi, Chris Tong Kwan Yiu, Gladys Li Ching Kwan, Chaney Lin (Lam Chau Nam) attended. Bona film CEO Yu Dong, producer Wong Jing also attended in support. Chi Tan hoped through the film to bring some positive energy to society. Speaking of the school violence problem, Chi Tan admitted that he ran into it while in school in the U.S. Luckily at the time Bruce Lee was very famous, everyday he dressed like Bruce Lee to school. Everyone also knew that he knew kung fu so he avoided being bullied.

Chi Tan gave his full support this time on and off screen. Chi Tan said, "I have always hoped that my movies would be able to bring some positive energy to society, as a filmmaker I have to be socially responsible. I hope through what little influence I have to bring some motivation to young people. The best place for this is at school." He also said that because he was also a father, everyday he faced a lot of educational problems with his children. Thus he hoped to make a movie that would be able to mix together education, positive energy and commercial elements. Adding in action he ended up with BIG BROTHER.

In the film Chi Tan played a teacher. As soon as he started on the job he ran into the crisis of school closing, at the same time he faced a group of poor performing and behaving students; he used unusual teaching methods with different problem students to resolve each student's problem. In his battle of brains and brawn with the students, Chi Tan not only pleaded but also used punches and kicks to protect this group of children. Speaking of playing a teacher, Chi Tan admitted, "As a father actually everyday I am learning to be a teacher. When I rehearsed with them, it was like communicating with the children at home. During the shoot, I really expressed my real experience."

The film had school violence scene. Chi Tan said that at school he too ran into school violence. "When I first went to school in the U.S., foreigners often discriminated against Chinese. Thus everyday I would encounter some school violence. Luckily at the time I was already studying kung fu. At the time Bruce Lee was very popular in the U.S. Everyday I dressed like Bruce Lee to school. Everyone knew I knew kung fu so they didn't bully me."

Chi Tan said that he was mischievous, exactly like the "problem student" in the film. Later when he became a parent, he paid attention to the children's home education. "I would understand in depth the stress that the students faced everyday, home, psychology, educational system and others. Everyone in the world would face school problems. I hope through my movie I would be able to bring some topics for everyone to discuss."

Chen Chiao-En talked about school violence. She felt that the basic reason was lack of communication. "Very rarely would you run into a teacher as enthusiastic as Big Brother Chi Tan. The teacher I played used other methods to get close to the students, but even more important is more concern. If you run into problems, you not only have to go to teachers for help but also communicate with each other."

As the main character of the film, Chi Tan said that he was very strict and demanding. The Chi Tan recommended director Kam Ka Wai admitted that when he learned that Big Brother Chi Tan asked him to direct he did not dare to believe it. "Actually I was a little afraid that I wouldn't be able to reach his demands, later whether on the set or in post production Big Brother Chi Tan kept leading us. He would use very interesting methods to tell the boring principles." Playing a mischievous female student Li Ching Kwan had car chase scenes in the film. She thanked Big Brother Chi Tan for his guidance, as he would always have some special suggestions to make the movie even better. As the antagonist Yu Kang "complained" a little about how demanding Big Brother Chi Tan was. "I started with the Jackie Chan Stunt Team, I really like to fight, but Big Brother Chi Tan is too demanding. He not only let me fight but also wants me to play the piano, which to me truly is painful. However I still have to thank him, because he gave me different space to develop."

Chi Tan said that actually everyone had a very tough time. I hope to use a little of my industry experience to give some newcomers their start. When I wrote the script I hoped to give them the scenes. Later the director asked me to play a teacher so everyone could see me fight. I was more demanding, every actor had to give their most realistic performance. This to them was very rare for their first acting experience. However when everyone watch the movie they won't feel they are acting for the first time."

Child actor Chaney Lin (Lam Chau Nam) played a young Chi Tan. He gave a martial art performance on the spot. Chi Tan praised him, "At such a young age he already has shades of me."

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