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The Hong Kong Film Award winning director John Woo (Ng Yu Sum)'s wife Anne Niu Chun Lung had brain tumor. Her life was on the brink and with the pandemic hitting the U.S. it doubled the impact. Earlier at a dinner to celebrate their 44th anniversary, they were as sad as they were at the "Last Supper". Fortunately with the support of her husband she was finally able to get over the hard times.

Two months ago, Niu Chun Lung suddenly had a headache and almost fainted. A MRI showed a ping pong ball sized tumor in her brain. The doctor suggested operating immediately. Originally scheduled for surgery on their wedding anniversary, the operation was postponed due to the doctor. Then the novel coronavirus pandemic erupted and added to the risk of her surgery.

For their anniversary dinner, Ng Yu Sum personally cooked. They did not dare to touch upon the subject of brain tumor, as they only lowered their heads and ate. He kept offering more food to his wife and tried to be as attentive as he could. Mrs. Woo had the surgery on March 12th, Ng Yu Sum stayed by her side. The surgery was successful but the doctor said that some of the tumor was pressing against blood vessels. If it was completely remove the risk would be very high. Thus they would wait and see. Mrs. Woo revealed that before the surgery she had lunch with her husband. At the time she told him that in case the surgery would not turn out well, it would become their last lunch; she said that her husband at the time was so nervous that he did not know what to say. He just silently kept his head down and ate. After the illness, she remembered to say that she wanted to help her husband's dream of making the new version of THE KILLER (DIP HUET SEUNG HUNG).

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