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Wong Fei, Carmaney Wong and Kelly Gu would hold on to their title for another year
At the 2016 Miss Hong Kong's location shoot, candidates included Tiffany Lau, Crystal Fung, Bowie Cheung and Phoebe Sin 
Miss Hong Kong 2018 Hera Chan represented Hong Kong in the Miss Chinese International pageant last year
Anita Yuen

Toby Chan
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TVB has been hosting the Miss Hong Kong pageant every year since 1973. The pageant has attracted candidates from around the world and even become the cradle of many top film and television stars. After 47 years, due to the current pandemic TVB has decided to suspend the pageant this year along with the earlier postponed 2020 Miss Chinese International Pageant.

TVB executive and Miss Hong Kong managing director Yu Wing Shan yesterday stated, "We just decided to suspend it for a year. Due to the pandemic, a lot of problems couldn't be resolved. For example every year overseas university students would return to compete in Hong Kong, now most could not even travel. We don't want Mainland and overseas candidates to take risk and come to Hong Kong." Pre-race promotions and the pageant production also became difficult. She said, "The Miss Hong Kong pageant would have many promotional events and large scale press conferences. Should the candidates wear masks or not? If the pandemic worsens and the government further tightens policy, we would have even less idea about what to do. Aside from promoting, the program production would have many workers presented aside from the candidates. We considered that since so many problems had no resolutions, we could only suspend it for a year. In addition under the dark cloud of the pandemic, a song and dance program production isn't really appropriate."

With the suspension of this year's pageant, last year's Miss Hong Kong Carmaney Wong, first runner up Wong Fei and second runner up Kelly Gu would hold on to their titles for another year. Carmaney Wong said, "I haven't heard from the company about this. I feel very regrettable and helpless that due to the pandemic Miss Chinese International and Miss Hong Kong both had to be cancel, but first and foremost we need to fight the pandemic together. Everyone would unite and get past the difficult times together." She also revealed that her parents due to the pandemic are staying in Shenzhen to keep from the required self quarantine if they would return to Hong Kong. Since the Lunar New Year she has not seen her parents and could only stay in contact over video chat.

Wong Fei also had no idea. "For now I haven't heard from the company. If it really is suspended, as the current first runner up I would feel a little regret! However with how severe the pandemic is right now, everyone's health should be the most important. I believe that the company's arrangement is correct. There is still a chance next year, so girls who want to compete this year shouldn't be disappointed!"

Miss Hong Kong 1990 Anita Yuen Wing Yi said, "It's very regrettable but nothing can be done about it. The fight against the pandemic comes first. This year's Miss Hong Kong would have to tough it out for another year and carry the responsibility of promoting Hong Kong. I hope the pandemic will pass soon, everyone can go back to their normal lives and continue the spirit of Miss Hong Kong." Miss Hong Kong 2010 Toby Chan Ting Yan felt that the suspension was not regrettable. "It's not like it won't happen again. Right now the entire world is doing the same thing (fighting the pandemic), all major races have been stopped. Even England's classic department store has temporarily ceased operation, so it's inevitable." Although this year's Miss Hong Kong term would be longer, she was not worried that her junior colleagues would have less jobs. "They can still work on series and host different programs, I feel nothing negative would come from it at all." She also said that due to the pandemic she has not host any event this year. Fortunately she has been saving up normally.

The first Miss Hong Kong Suen Wing Yan regretted that Miss Hong Kong would be suspended this year, but felt that it was inevitable. "Ultimately protecting life is more important than the Miss Hong Kong pageant, it should be suspended. If it is forced to happen, the audience wouldn't be in the mood to watch anyway. TVB then would be criticized for not paying attention to safety." Miss Hong Kong 1997 Virginia Yung Ka Wai is the president of the Miss Hong Kong charity, the Wai Yin Association. She said about the first cancellation in Miss Hong Kong history, "It's very shocking ot hear, ultimately the pandemic is very strong and a beauty pageant brings a lot of people together. For safety the cancellation is appropriate. Even the Olympics has been postponed. I hope after the pandemic it would start up again." She recalled when she was competing that they had to be in costume in Beijing for the location shoot. So they had to start with make up at 2AM. However due to a contract issue between the guest Dicky Cheung Wai Kin and TVB the segment was never aired and she was very disappointed.

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