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Best Actor Aaron Kwok Fu Sing two nights ago promoted the film. He said that during the shoot he was so focused on the character that he worried that he was terminally ill like the character. he rushed to get a physical examination!

Sing Sing with his new film I'M LIVIN' IT was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor. The film due to the pandemic has postponed its release. Two nights ago he and director Wong Hing Fan went live to talk about the production. In the film he played a financial talent who embezzled. After his prison release he "resided" at a fast food restaurant and finally became seriously ill.

He revealed that at the time he was so focused on his performance that he once suspected he was terminally ill. "The character was never without a cigarette in his hand, so I smoked until I couldn't stop coughing. The crew was worried and even suggested for me to see a Chinese medicine practitioner. After the shoot I always felt ill, I thought I messed up and had terminal illness. I saw a doctor for a physical examination, after the report confirmed that I was in great health I finally was at ease!"

Nina Paw Hee Ching played Sing Sing's mother in a tear jerking fashion. Speaking of his mother and son relationship, Sing Sing was rather sentimental. When he recalled his mother, who passed away earlier, he inevitably got choked up. "The character left me with a very deep experience, because at the time Mama just passed." He also said that as he grew older he became even more sentimental. "Many scenes in the film would give me a heartache now when I watched them again." Director Wong gave me a light pat to comfort him.

Sing Sing revealed that he came up with a good idea 5 or 6 years ago in the bathroom. Later he asked someone to write the story and prepared to make it into a movie. He wanted to fulfill his directing dream at anytime. "However my personality is very nitpicking. As a director, I think I would due to the wrong location or poor condition stop the production. I wouldn't know how long it would take me to finish it! If I both direct and act I would be distracted. Right now I want to act a little more, later I may start directing."

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