Friday, April 3, 2020


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Kearen Pang, Louis Cheung and Fung Chi Chiang
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The Hong Kong Screenwriters' Guild founded "Best Film Character of the Year Award" two nights ago invited the film A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE (FAN JUI YIK CHEUNG)'s screenwriter and director Fung Chi Chiang and actor Louis Cheung Kai Chung to an live broadcast online. They agreed that the general public's awareness of health protection has greatly improved, but the most important right now is to keep being cautious and never relent. During the live broadcast both strongly encouraged those interested should actively creative during the pandemic. Cheung Kai Chung recently on social media released many videos of his performance. He also revealed that his new director this year would be writing songs again. He planned to release his own songs. Everyone's active and selfless sharing of their talent online recently also has been a great trend.

Ah Chung in the film played a cop and displayed the character's investigative instincts. He had many scenes with the robber Louis Koo Tin Lok. He even revealed many funny interactions between him and Goo Jai during the shoot.

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