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The ViuTV program HER FILM HER STORY's host Susanne Ho Kar Lai spoke with the Golden Horse Award Best Actress Carrie Ng Ka Lai. They did the interview at a studio with several decades of history. Ka Lai also liked the 30's and 40's Shanghai femininity the most. Mainland actors have guessed tha she was of Shanghai descend. "They say my eyebrows and the corners of my eyes look like it. Actually I am a very tough Chaozhou girl!"

Ka Lai has been in the business for many years and truly is a total tough Chaozhou girl. Starting from minor roles with only few lines after graduating from training class to finally receiving the heavenly book (script), she remembered that she cried at the time. She did so not because she was too happy, but because the role got heavier and so did the stress! Jumping from television to the big screen, she took her first role in Cinema City's CITY ON FIRE (LUNG FU FUNG WON) and caught people's attention. She said, "At the time Fat Jai turned from box office poison to box office heavenly king because of this film! Although I played an indecent character, I still was the female lead." The film CITY ON FIRE made Ka Lai the rising star in film. Her portrayal of the mistress was even more memorable. When she switched from television to film, actually elder Chor Yuen gave her a shot of confidence. "At the time my contract just ended with the television station, I was dragging my feet about making a decision. However Uncle Chor Yuen told me not to renew the contract and to go out and make movies! You are suitable for movies! At the time not too many actresses competed with me, (Maggie) Cheung Man Yuk, (Cherie) Chung Chor Hung, and Cheung Man were all lead actresses. I got approached for any exotic or sexy roles. At the time no actress played this type of characters, without any competition I didn't have to worry about not having a job! (Carol) Cheng Yui Ling was Cheng nine units, (Sandra) Ng Kwan Yu was Ng nine unit, I was Ng nine units too!" She remembered back then she was so busy that she did not have time to sleep. She would fall asleep even while walking. She had to keep slapping herself. Once driving home she ran into the curb at the parking lot.

Over the years she has worked with many actors in the business, like Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Alex Man Chi Leung, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Alex Fong Chung Shun, Bowie Lam Bo Yi and others. She has performed many intimate scenes with them, but Ka Lai said intimate scenes were not enjoyable at all. "The audience enjoys the male and female leads' romantic passion, which is nothing but tears for the actors!" Once while making a movie in the U.S., her co-star was a foreign actor with very long stubble. During the 3 minute long kiss scenes, her face was scratched all red and swollen. She was in so much pain that she could not make any noise. Thus whenever she saw co-stars with stubble she would be very afraid, as she was very afraid of getting hurt.

Ka Lai in recent years not only continued to perform on screen, but also directed, planned, created stories. She felt that the film industry lacked films for women. last year she worked with a female director on PRISON FLOWERS (NUI JI GAM YUK). However she understood that making movies for women would have certain difficulties, since everything was market driven. Box office hits remained mainly action films. Thus she wanted to make movies for women but still was in the consideration stage.

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