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Donnie Yen insists on personally performing every dangerous stunt

Donnie Yen puts his life at risk as he shoots in a rapid under a frigid climate 

Donnie Yen is buried in the snow
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan has no limit when risking his life. Last year while shooting in the Changbai mountain he put his life in danger many times. Under 30 degree (Celsius) below zero he went into the water and was buried in snow. In particular while shooting in the rapids, he could have been easily washed away if he was not cautious. The film company bought over 100 million yuan insurance policy for him just in case.

Last year he worked on the Filmko film COME BACK HOME (SAU GAU). Under 30 degrees below zero temperature he shot many challenging scenes while shooting in the Changbai Mountain. In one major scene, he in the extreme cold shot in the rapids. Aside from overcoming the extremely low temperature, the rapids also presented extreme danger. Thus the team spent a lot of time on preparation.

On the day of the shoot, Chi Tan was connected to two large wires. Director Lo Chi Leung inspected it time and again. Due to how strong the rapids were, with the slightest mishap Chi Tan could easily be washed away. Before the shoot, Chi Tan wanted hard liquor to fight the cold. After each shoot he had to extremely quickly change his clothes, because if they froze they would stick to the skin. Then if pulled off forcefully they could take skin and flesh off with them. Thus he had to race with the "freeze".

One of the investing film companies' boss Alex Wong Hoi Fung praised Chi Tan's professionalism. "He stayed in the Changbai Mountain for over 70 days, and performed many thrilling scenes personally. Like this 30 degrees below zero water scene, because it was shot in the rapids it really was very dangerous. The director once suggested using a double, but Chi Tan insisted on performing it himself. He really was very professional. Aside from these scenes, in one scene Chi Tan was buried in snow for real. (Since it was so dangerous, were you able to get him insured?) We bought an over 100 million yuan insurance policy for Chi Tan."

Aside from the high difficult challenges, as the film's producer Chi Tan took great care of his co-stars Cecilia Han Xue, Jia Bing, Tang Xu and others. Han Xue played Chi Tan's wife and had many scenes with him. As a southerner she worked in the extreme cold for the first time. She lamented, "I was already frozen beyond control, I couldn't imagine how cold it was." Later she worked on a crying scene and still lost control after the shoot ended. She was unable to leave the character. Chi Tan immediately embraced her and eased her emotions, in hopes of helping her rid of the heavy emotions as soon as possible.

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