Thursday, March 17, 2022


Jacky Cheung

Nicholas Tse

Jacky Cheung and Nicholas Tse worked together on the film HOT SUMMER DAYS
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As the novel coronavirus pandemic worsened, the film industry has been in an extremely poor environment. Aside from cinema closures affecting box office revenue, film productions have been drastically hindered as well. Originally this month many films would begin production, but due to the pandemic they were indefinitely postponed. Some that were in production needed to halt production due to positive tests among the staff and seriously impacted the production progress. At the same time many film professionals' livelihood to future work schedule have been completely thrown into chaos. Some behind the scene workers who expected to be working were caught off guard after work suddenly has bene postponed. Some even fell into financial hardship!

In order to shake off the difficulties, during the previous pandemic wave Aaron Kwok Fu Sing worked on DISCONNECTED (DUEN MONG), Gordon Lam Ka Tung starred in HAND ROLLED CIGARETTE (SAU GUEN YIN), both of which kept some of those behind the scene working. With the fifth wave this time, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung braved the Hong Kong pandemic returned from the Mainland last month to prepare for the Emperor Motion Picture HOI GUAN JIN SIN (tentative title) in hopes of doing something for the Hong Kong film industry. Actually aside from Ting Fung, "Hong Kong Song God" Jacky Cheung Hok Yau also the same thought. Reportedly Hok Yau would join HOI, 6 years after starring in HEAVEN IN THE DARK (UM SIK TIN TONG) in 2016. The duo together again would generate a lot of buzz, because it would be a large production many workers would have jobs. The film would start production next week with Herman Yau Lai To as its director. Ting Fung would also serve as an action director. The lead actress would be this year's Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress nominee Cya Liu.

As for movies that were originally scheduled to start production this month, popular group MIRROR member Ian Chan's girlfriend Amy Lo Wai Man, Fish Liew Chi Yu and Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui would star in a movie about pets. They have already had their costume fitting earlier, but due to the pandemic the production start date has been changed again and again. Finally it has decided to be postponed indefinitely. In addition, Jennifer Yu Heung Yi originally would work on a new film that was also delayed due to the pandemic. She posted helplessly on social media, "Perhaps now many projects couldn't catch up to the changes. Originally I would be in production, now I am at home everyday." Her other film was originally scheduled for release this month or so, but due to the cinema closures the date would remain up in the air. She said, "Originally with the film release I can see you at the cinema, but now I can only keep waiting." Other affected included the "Lunar New Year film" that starred Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi and Malaysian goddess Lin Minchen but had to wait indefinitely.

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